About the Challenge and the Story

Welcome to Random Branches! It’s an attempt at the Differences in the Family Tree Challenge created by TheUsernameFound on the Sims 3 official website. You can find the official rules here.

Here are the rules/rule modifications that I will be following:

  • Will not be going in the order listed on the site. I don’t want to be forced to send a character down one of two/three options for a generation. I want the freedom to take my story in the direction it develops into naturally.
  • I will toss out generation objectives if they don’t make sense for the generation or the objective doesn’t work in my game (for example the Film jobs don’t tend to work properly in my game, so if I do that generation, that objective will be tossed)
  • Heirs can be either gender and I can do the occasional double heir if the story allows it or if I want to do a double heir.
  • I may or may not hold heir polls. I will only hold an heir poll if I do not have a clear idea of who I want to be heir. I also do not view an heir poll as a binding agreement of who is heir. I do use it in my decision however. I will also hold a reader’s vote as having more weight since you read my story.
  • Names of children must be connected to their parent in some fashion. If I have an heir named Severus, I can name his children any name from the Harry Potter series, I could name a son Brandon after Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility because both characters have been played by the same actor: Alan Rickman.
  • Story trumps the rules. If a story plot moves me in a direction that will break a rule, then the rule will get broken. As of 11/25/2020, no longer doing plot so this rule not in effect for chapters posted after this date


Meet the Founder

Mira Rand had an odd dream. To have a farm and be a famous author. Her parents weren’t super supportive of her dream and kept trying to get her to invest in a back up plan. But Mira would have none of it. So she used her graduation present of money to buy a plot of land in Twinbrook. She would soon find that her dream would take her places she never dreamed possible…

The story is currently on Generation 5. However, you can start the story here. Find the latest released chapter here.

2 comments on “About the Challenge and the Story

  1. amandralynn says:

    I love this challenge! You have some very interesting ideas! I like the naming theme! That’s a nifty idea, and so creative! Gonna bookmark ya so I can follow the story. I’m almost caught up but with all the reading I get headaches when I read too much at my desk top, so gonna lay down for awhile. 🙂

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