Chapter 1.3

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches. In the last chapter, Atton grew up into a child and made his parents wonder about his quirks. Carth and Kreia grew up and neither of them really had anything too terribly off about them…except maybe Kreia’s glares. At the end of the chapter Sinbad bribed the head of public safety to overlook a crime in the planning stages and Mira received a call from Sinbad’s boss threatening her parents and her kids. And now, on with the story.

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Chapter 1.2

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches. In the last chapter Mira and Sinbad gave birth to three children: Atton, Carth, and Kreia. Mira also found out about Sinbad’s true career after Sinbad spent several hours in jail doing whatever he could to not be put on trial. And now, on with the story.

Mira and Sinbad felt so stretched out that they decided to hire a babysitter for the day. They would both stay in the house with the babysitter as neither of them really trusted a stranger with their children, but it gave the two of them time catch up on things they had been neglecting. Little Carth had also recently grown into a toddler and he was just as rambunctious as his brother, if not more. He always seemed to be willing to try dangerous things and was easily excited. Now with two toddler to take care of it did further strain the relationship between Mira and Sinbad. Mostly because it left them too tired to really work on their relationship and they were more prone to snapping at each other. Especially Sinbad towards Mira.

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Chapter 1.1

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches. In the last chapter, Mira Rand, our founder started a small farm and reunited with her childhood sweetheart Sinbad Rotter. The two hit it off and were soon married. Unknown to Mira, Sinbad is in the criminal career and hopes to keep himself out of jail and his career of choice a secret from Mira. Mira also just found out she was pregnant. And now, on with the story.

Sinbad got home early in the morning and sighed. He knew this was hard on Mira. So he decided he would prepare Mira some breakfast for when she got up in the morning. He was rising through the ranks pretty quickly now that he was more in shape. The people here were definitely more nit-picky over their lackeys physical shape than the ones in Bridgeport. Then again, Sinbad was one of the leader’s favorites so that might have given him some slack.

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Chapter 1.0


Mira Rand arrived at her lot after the builders and movers told her the house was done. Of course knowing that her funds wouldn’t allow for a completely built house and actually seeing the effects of that were two very different things, so Mira did a bit of a double take as she arrived to see her family room and kitchen outside of the walls of the house. This didn’t dissuade Mira at all from her goal. Her parents had told her that her dream of being a writer and a painter was foolish and that family life would get in the way of her dream of having a small garden to call her own. Mira Rand had grabbed her small trust fund and had moved from Sunset Valley to Twinbrook in order to prove her parents wrong.

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