Chapter 1.0


Mira Rand arrived at her lot after the builders and movers told her the house was done. Of course knowing that her funds wouldn’t allow for a completely built house and actually seeing the effects of that were two very different things, so Mira did a bit of a double take as she arrived to see her family room and kitchen outside of the walls of the house. This didn’t dissuade Mira at all from her goal. Her parents had told her that her dream of being a writer and a painter was foolish and that family life would get in the way of her dream of having a small garden to call her own. Mira Rand had grabbed her small trust fund and had moved from Sunset Valley to Twinbrook in order to prove her parents wrong.

Mira is a bookworm, green thumb, family-oriented, eco-friendly vegetarian. Her favorite color is white, she has a fondness for children’s music and won’t say no to spaghetti with veggie sauce. She wants to be an illustrious author, which means she’ll have to master the writing and painting skills. On top of the objectives she has to do.

Mira Rand is Generation Farmer.
Objectives that Mira must complete are:

  • Grow a garden with every plant from the store (except eggs, steak, and omni)
  • Master the gardening skill
  • Get married
  • No woohoo before marriage
  • Have one boy and one girl (may adopt the missing gender)

Mira’s first order of business was going to the local grocery store to buy some vegetables to start her garden off. Her limited knowledge of gardening and the discussion she had with the local farmer who had come in to sell his crops led her to buy some lettuce and a tomato. She just hoped that she would be able to successfully grow them up into actual plants. While she was always a bit of a natural with planting, her family always told her that the first crops people grow always fail. Of course, her family could kill any plant they were charged with, crop or decorative.

Mira then decided to check out the park on here way home from the grocery store. She figured that she would definitely be spending time here over the course of her time her in Twinbrook. Plus, it would be a good place for her to meet some of the local residents and introduce herself. Surprisingly, for Mira, there weren’t that many people visiting that park that day. She did however meet two residents, Dilly Pidgin and Buddy Snatch* She talked with both of them for several hours and even had a burnt picnic with Buddy before deciding to call it a day and head for home.

Mira went to bed after planting her lettuce and tomato. She hadn’t yet met that special someone and she was still pretty adamant about not getting an actual 9-5 job. Her parents had always had a tough time here in Twinbrook  keeping their job and it was always something that Mira would have nightmares about happening to her. They had moved out of Twinbrook shortly after Mira had gone away to Bridgeport for University, which her parents had thought was pointless considering she wasn’t planning on getting  a regular job. But Mira countered that her degree in the arts would help her be able to make it in the novel industry and in the artist field as well.

The next day soon rolled around and Mira Rand decided to take a tour of Twinbrook, which had underwent obvious renovations since she had last lived here, after tending her garden. She ran into a guy who was obviously in the military based on his attire close to dinner time and said, “Hey, would you happen to know where the local restaurant is? I haven’t been in here in town in several years and the old one I went to apparently closed down.” The guy pointed her in the direction of the new restaurant and bid her a good day before saying he had to get back to base before he was declared AWOL.

She then headed towards the fancy restaurant after stopping at home to get changed into something more appropriate. She ate a lovely dinner for free thanks to the kitchen making her the wrong thing and her waitress not catching it. When she left, she chatted for a bit with the other patrons before running into someone who was obviously not there to eat. But he looked somewhat familiar to Mira. She walked up to him and said, “Hello sir, you look oddly familiar, but I haven’t lived here in several years. I’m Mira Rand.”

“Well, lovely Mira, you also looked oddly familiar,” the guy said, smiling flirtatiously, “I’m Sinbad Rotter. I also haven’t lived here in a very long time. One minute, now I know where I know you from. Mrs. Vonn’s fifth grade class. And Mr. Steven’s third grade class! No wonder you look so familiar, you definitely take after your mother.”

Mira laughed at the realization and said, “And you take after your father, Sinbad. You’ve definitely changed since I last saw you.” Mira had noticed the dark close and tattoos on her old friend.

“Well, I seem to remember some little girl saying she’d be caught dead wearing a dress,” Sinbad said, “But I’m very glad that’s changed. Because man you look gorgeous.”

It was clear to Mira that Sinbad was at least attracted to her and if she was honest with herself, she was also attracted to her childhood friend. The funny thing was, the two had been nearly inseparable as children and had often been accused of being childhood sweethearts by those older than them. They both had always very vocally denied it. Though looking back, she supposed they were and she was definitely crushed when he said his family was moving away.

So maybe it was the dim light of the outside dining area of the restaurant, or the realization that they were childhood sweethearts, or Sinbad’s corny pick up lines, but Mira found herself falling in love with the obvious bad boy in town. She knew even when she was a kid that he was a bit of a trouble maker. He was constantly being brought to the principals either for stealing, losing his temper, or being mean to someone. But no one knew exactly why Mira seemed to be the only one he wasn’t mean to.

The next couple of days went about the same. Mira would get up and tend to her crops, work on her novel for a few hours before calling over Sinbad. The two would spend a few hours catching up on what had happened since Sinbad had moved away but they always found themselves flirting and doing other couple related activities before Sinbad would have to leave. What puzzled Mira the most was Sinbad’s unease when he said he was helping the police to put down the local crime family. She wasn’t entirely sure if Sinbad was telling the truth or not.

Soon Mira decided that it was time to just bite the bullet and get engaged to Sinbad. She knew if she waited too long, her now more flirtatious old friend would soon end up flirting with the other girls in town and she could lose him. And her mom had told her one thing: once you find mister right, do whatever you can to marry him. Her mom had learned that lesson the hard way when she lost who she thought was her mister right. It had hurt Mira a bit at the time to think that her father was her mom’s second choice, but after talking with her father, she learned that her father knew and was just fine with it. The two just decided to have a quiet wedding as neither of them had family in town or had the money to finance a wedding.

Sinbad’s Traits: Evil, Hot-Headed, Mean-Spirited, Kleptomaniac, and Flirty. His LTW is to be a Master Thief.

The newlywed couple did not waste time in doing what married couples do. They did however decide that they were ready to start a family and did not take precautions to avoid pregnancy. Mira had always wanted a family of her own and now she was getting one step closer to fulfilling that dream. Sinbad just wanted to keep Mira happy so that she would be less likely to try to snoop around in what he did. His accomplices thought he was only doing it for that reason, but Sinbad knew why he wanted his wife happy: because he was indeed in love with Mira and did truly want her happy.

Sinbad and Mira soon fell into a rhythm. They would wake up, Sinbad would start breakfast while Mira tended the garden. They would then eat before moving onto things related to their career. Sinbad would exercise and Mira would toil away at her novel. They would occasionally stop to do other things, but Sinbad’s short vacation time was soon over and the two started to have different sleeping schedules. Sinbad did feel bad about being at work all night, but you couldn’t exactly safely steal items in broad daylight. But it was his dream to reach the top of that field. His father had died a year or so after moving away from Twinbrook and Bridgeport’s local master thief had found the acting out child and taken him under his wing. The guy had said Sinbad had a natural talent for stealing and Sinbad was the first teenager that that crime family had allowed into its ranks. Sinbad had moved back to Twinbrook because in order to reach his goal, he would have had to topple his mentor. But Sinbad didn’t want to topple him that quickly. He wanted to take over Twinbrook’s and then make a ploy for Bridgeport’s crime family.

Their routine was soon interrupted when Mira found out she was indeed pregnant. Mira had even woken Sinbad up to tell him the wonderful news and the pair of them had a nice romantic dinner to celebrate. Mira’s main concern was money and the lack of a house. She wasn’t a famous author and her painting skills still left much to be desired. But Sinbad assured her that his job would cover the bills and they’d be able to expand the house eventually. Sinbad’s main concern was how his job wasn’t exactly legal. He didn’t need to end up in jail on Mira. And not because that would expose the lie he had told Mira a few years ago, but he didn’t want his wife to be a single mother for all intents and purposes. He swore then and there that he would do whatever it took to keep himself out of prison. Even if it meant truly having himself work for the police while trying to achieve his own goal of being the head thief of Twinbrook.

And this is it for the first chapter. Will Sinbad be able to keep his actual career from Mira? Will Mira achieve all of her goals while raising a family? Will Sinbad keep himself from being sent to prison? Find out in the chapters to come.

Progress towards the objectives:

  • Grow a garden with every plant from the store (Still only has the lettuce and tomato plant.)
  • Master the Gardening skill (On level 3. I think. I forgot to write down where she was when she got pregnant the first time XD)
  • Get married (Accomplished- married Sinbad Rotter)
  • Have a boy and girl (Well she’s pregnant with her first child so one step closer to this)
  • No woohoo before marriage (Accomplished. She did not woohoo Sinbad before getting married to him.)

Progress towards LTW’s:

  • Mira- Illustrious Author: Level 3 Writing, Level 1 Painting
  • Sinbad- Master Thief: Cutpurse (level 2 of the Criminal career, his athletic skill left much to be desired)

Author’s Note: While in the story Mira and Sinbad know each other from childhood, Mira Rand is a CAS Sim. She did not know Sinbad prior to the start of the challenge. Them already “knowing” each other gives me the reasoning behind the whirlwind romance.

*Buddy Snatch is probably not his real name. Buddy either died or left Twinbrook by the time I wrote this as he is no longer in Mira’s relationship panel

16 comments on “Chapter 1.0

  1. kris1079 says:

    I’m glad you decided to write about your DITFT! I like it so far. I like the mix of observational and story. I think Sinbad’s lies are going to catch up with him eventually. However, I do think their romance is sweet in that she is the one person he’s always nice to. I just don’t like that he’s lying to her about what he does for a living. I also like how you’re tracking your progress at the end. I like little status updates like that 🙂 Great start!

    • Seera says:

      Thanks! Yea, the lies probably are. I’ve already played a lot past where this ends and she’s been up after he’s supposed to be home from work and she’s not dumb. I just don’t picture him as someone who looks too far into the future. Between his evil nature and his hot-headedness, I figure he said the first thing that came to mind. Had she not asked before their relationship took off again, he might have told her the truth. But he was afraid of her running from him. I don’t think she would have considering she already knew deep down that he was trouble.

      Yea, I figured I’d do the updates because some of them would be harder to work into the story. That and it reminds those who aren’t familiar with the challenge of the objectives.

  2. Angela Bailey says:

    I married Sinbad into a family once! He was surprisingly a good daddy…even though he stole candy from his babies more than once!


  3. msbeckycat says:

    I like your story. Neat beginning. I am working on my first story. I’ll keep following yours

  4. *swoons at Sinbad* I’m a sucker for bad boys, and Sims who have the evil trait. I liked it that you put the little updates at the end of how you’re progressing in your challenge, because you’re right, I don’t know what this challenge really is. I read the rules once, and it looked complicated. I think it’s cool that you’re doing this. 🙂 I like how you write too. It’s fun to read.

    • Seera says:

      Thanks! Since achieving them doesn’t always make it into the story, I figured since this was documenting a challenge, I best show somehow that I’m following the challenge rules. And yes, I’m a bit attached to Sinbad as well. Can’t wait to see how you like his character development.

  5. amandralynn says:

    Great story so far! I like Sinbad. I too heart the bad boys. I always liked playing him in twinbrook. Your story is easy to follow and I like your writing style. I love how you have the progress down at the end. That’s a really good idea. Gonna head on and read the next chapter now. 🙂

  6. lilmonster says:

    Ooh 🙂
    I’m excited. This seems like a lot harder way to play – though I can say from experience, it’s kinda nice not having to stick your sim away in a rabbit-hole to work on a career.

    I can’t wait to see where this goes – it’s really cool to have a guy who’s true-ly a bad guy, who is actually portrayed as human 🙂

    • Seera says:

      Yea, the DITFT founding generation doesn’t make it easy to earn money. You have to luck into getting a good spouse career if you want money. But it does set it up for the traditional next generation of business. I am not going in order. Too predictable.

      Yea, I don’t like stories who portray all criminals as super evil people. All criminals have a human side. All have something that made them a criminal. I think my true-ly bad guy is going to surprise you as chapters go on 😛

  7. Colorist40 says:

    Oh wow I hope that Mira doesn’t find out the truth as that would break up their happy lives. He seems like a man who has good qualities, but is just misguided. Great story so far.

  8. celtygirly says:

    I’ve never read a legacy like this before so I’m really interested to see how this goes. I really like it 😀

    • Seera says:

      Thanks! I’ts a Differences in the Family Tree Challenge. It’s similar to a legacy, but each generation has a set of goals to reach.

  9. Taina says:

    I’m terrible at challenges, I couldn’t even do a proper legacy challenge lol. I like Mira and Sinbad is a bad boy trying to be good. I hope he pulls through for her and his family!

  10. lovesstorms says:

    Wow! I don’t know how Sinbad is going to keep his secret, but I’m going to keep reading to see how. You’ve got me hooked! I’m going to bookmark this and keep reading. 🙂

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