Chapter 1.1

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches. In the last chapter, Mira Rand, our founder started a small farm and reunited with her childhood sweetheart Sinbad Rotter. The two hit it off and were soon married. Unknown to Mira, Sinbad is in the criminal career and hopes to keep himself out of jail and his career of choice a secret from Mira. Mira also just found out she was pregnant. And now, on with the story.

Sinbad got home early in the morning and sighed. He knew this was hard on Mira. So he decided he would prepare Mira some breakfast for when she got up in the morning. He was rising through the ranks pretty quickly now that he was more in shape. The people here were definitely more nit-picky over their lackeys physical shape than the ones in Bridgeport. Then again, Sinbad was one of the leader’s favorites so that might have given him some slack.

There were times, however, when Mira and Sinbad did enjoy the fact that they were on opposite sleep schedules. Sinbad was around a lot during the day to help relieve some of the tension that Mira experienced while pregnant. The two had even been able to fall into a rhythm of sorts. He would give her massages in the morning when she woke up and before he crashed for the night and then wouldn’t mind be woken up during the day to give her more. It brought back all of the questions the town had about what did Mira have that allowed her to get under Sinbad’s cold exterior.

Mira did spend time working on her small garden when she wasn’t getting massages by her husband. She still enjoyed gardening and couldn’t wait to get more knowledgeable. She figured she would start growing more crops after she finished raising her family for the most part. She knew she was going to be really busy as a mother and didn’t want to have to take more attention away from her kids than was necessary.

Sinbad was really looking forward to the birth of his first child. They were both hoping to have a girl first. Mira wanted someone to go shopping with and Sinbad wanted a little princess to spoil. However, neither wanted to spoil the surprise of the gender and decided to hold off on shopping for baby stuff until the newborn arrived. Mostly because they still only had the small bedroom and bathroom enclosed. They were waiting on funds to come in to help build more of the house that Mira had planned out.

Only a few more days passed and Mira gave birth to their first child, a boy which they named Atton Rand*. Mira and Sinbad couldn’t help but be really thrilled about finally being parents, even if the child wasn’t the gender they had both wanted. Plus, they were planning on having at least one more child if not a third, so they weren’t too worried about not having a girl at this point.

The only thing that worried Sinbad was the crime family deciding to come after his family and he still worried about being sent to prison. He hadn’t yet gotten caught, but he didn’t want to always rely on just barely getting away with things. His accomplices always got on him for his meticulous planning, but the success that level of planning brought made him more noticeable by his superiors. Though, Sinbad let this superiors think that he was doing the planning because he was super interested in their schemes working: truth was he only planned like he did so he wouldn’t risk leaving his wife a single mother.

Sinbad doted on his first born child and first born son. He had high hopes of his son wanting to follow in his footsteps so that he could create a true crime family in Twinbrook. He knew that would be harder to do and keep it from Mira, but it was his dream. The younger kids could be what they wanted to be. He’d give Mira that. His eldest was going to be a little criminal. But he wasn’t sure how to approach that subject with Mira just yet. But he figured he had about eighteen years to worry about that. For now, he’d just be content in raising little Atton.

Sinbad and Mira continued to be madly in love with each other. Mira was still oblivious to Sinbad’s true career, and Sinbad still seemed intent on keeping it that way. He didn’t want to lose her. He didn’t want her to run off with his child who he was going to mold into being a little criminal. His prized lackey. And maybe, just maybe, Sinbad would let Atton be the one to control Bridgeport. If the kid showed promise.

Mira had woken up a few nights after that to terrible stomach pains a little bit after she knew Sinbad should have been home. But he wasn’t. It worried Mira terribly. She had even called her parents and woken them up in a fit of panic thinking about the what if: what if the other criminals had discovered that Sinbad was really law enforcement and that Sinbad was now in trouble. Her mother knew she was pregnant and said, “Now, now, dear. You said it’s only been a couple hours since he was due home. Maybe things went late tonight. He can’t just run home to make sure you’re not worrying about him. That wouldn’t make him look good to the criminals. Why don’t you call back in a few hours if he hasn’t come home. And remember, stay calm or you’ll just make your pregnancy that much harder on yourself.”

Her mother’s words rang true, but it still didn’t ease the worry that something wasn’t right.

7:00 am rolled around and Sinbad was still not home. It did make Mira begin to worry even more. But she fed Atton and tended the crops. She got a quick shower to not waste water before realizing one thing: bad news tends to travel fast. If something bad had truly happened, she’d probably already know. So chances are he’s probably fine, just really held up at work.

Soon, Mira went into labor. They decided on a home birth so that they wouldn’t spend the funds they needed for the house renovations on a babysitter for Atton. It took several hours but soon we welcomed another little boy into the world. We named him Carth Rand*. Both Mira and Sinbad had wanted a girl for their second child, but like their first, they weren’t unhappy with another boy. Plus, Mira wanted a fairly big family, but she knew Sinbad didn’t. And well, not having that girl he wants, makes it easier to get him to try.

And not too long after Carth’s birth, little Atton became a rambunctious little toddler. He seemed to have a few quirks and he was always dropping his toddler toys. He had a quirk of gurgling to himself at times. But Mira and Sinbad loved Atton very much. He and his little brother were definitely handfuls. Caring for the two kids definitely made Sinbad more exhausted after a long day at work as well as Mira. It also meant that Sinbad wasn’t quite as prepared for missions as he used to be. His boss had noticed that and had had a talk with Sinbad about it. Sinbad explained the situation in a not so nice way and earned brownie points for not sugar coating the reasoning.

Mira got tasked with teaching Atton his skills for the most part. Sinbad helped out some, but he was usually sleeping, working, or working out. That hadn’t escaped Mira’s notice and she felt fairly angry at her husband for leaving her with a majority of the parenting to do. It didn’t help that she was having nauseous feelings lately. She had been so exhausted lately from the two lively boys that she had just been grabbing food from the fridge. While Sinbad did try to avoid cooking meat considering this, Mira wasn’t entirely sure she hadn’t eaten meat.

Though, her fears of eating meat soon went away when she noticed her stomach was a bit bigger than normal. She took a quick pregnancy test and smiled at the result: she was pregnant. She really hoped this pregnancy resulted in a girl. She wanted three kids total with at least one boy and one girl.Β  Plus with two older brothers, no one would be easily able to take advantage of their baby sister. Mira just wished that they had been able to put up more walls to the house. But there was no point in wondering the could have been’s or the what if’s. She needed to keep her head focused on the here and now. Her two children and her one to come needed her to keep her mind on what she needed to do now. That and her publisher was really starting to push her to come up with more work. She had slacked off some after the birth of Atton.

Later that night a crying baby woke Mira up. Mira rolled over and saw that Sinbad should have been home by now. Sinbad should be dealing with Atton shortly. But the crying continued. Mira rolled out of bed and grumbled about lazy husbands. She looked around her small property and realized that Sinbad wasn’t home. This was the second time he just didn’t come home and didn’t let her know. She quickly took care of Atton and Carth before sitting down on the couch and crying a bit in exhaustion and worry before turning in for the night again, hoping Sinbad would be home when she got up.

“Where in SimNation were you?” Mira yelled at Sinbad when he came strolling in around 8 am.

“I..I got held up at work,” Sinbad stuttered out.

“So held up you couldn’t word to me? You know how much I worry when you aren’t home when I get woken up by Atton’s or Carth’s cries after you are supposed to be home?” Mira yelled back.

“I’m sorry, Mira,” Sinbad said, “I wished I could have but I can’t have the other criminals thinking I’m soft or that I’m not really in it to succeed.”

“Other criminals?” Mira asked, “Does this mean you’re a criminal, too?” She glared at him.

Sinbad blinked a few times before countering, “I’ve been told by the police to pretend I am one to reduce the chances of me getting caught by the criminals.”

“Right,” Mira said, “How about you give me the number to your boss? Or should I go down to the police station? They shouldn’t be giving you the risky jobs anymore! You have a wife and two kids to feed with a third child on the way! I don’t want to end up a single mother, Sinbad.” Mira pushed back the tears that threatened to come.

Sinbad saw the tears that were about to come and sighed sadly. This was what he feared, Mira finding out the hard way. He looked at the ground and said, “I suppose we should talk.”

Mira couldn’t take anymore. The admission that they needed to talk from Sinbad had answered her question: her husband was indeed a criminal. She stormed into the bathroom and locked the door. She collapsed down on the floor and cried. It wasn’t the fact that he was a criminal that hurt. It was that he lied to her. Twice now.

“Come on Mira, let me in! I’m sorry!” Sinbad yelled through the door.

“NO!” she yelled back, “How could you lie to me?! Just go away!” She turned on the shower to drown out whatever Sinbad tried to say next and took a long shower. She did love Sinbad or she would haven’t married him. But now she had another fear: Sinbad being thrown in jail. That is if she didn’t throw him to the curb for lying to her.

She then heard her cell phone ring from the main room, she quickly stepped out to grab it before locking herself in the bathroom again. It was her mother. They talked for a few hours about other things before her mom got her to spill what was truly bothering her. “Mom, Sinbad’s in with a group of people who steal stuff for a living. It’s his job,” she cried.

“Oh my, I can see why that’s got you all worked up, but you’re heavily pregnant so do try to relax and calm down. What does him being a criminal make you feel?”

“I don’t know, I’m just pissed about the lies he’s told me. He told me he was working for the police to catch the criminals! But I don’t think how I really feel about him has changed. I don’t know, Mom, I’m just confused.”

“Well, sounds like you’re just angry about the lies and still love him even though he’s a criminal. So maybe for the sake of your children forgive him for this lie and see if he lies again about anything. I love you and I want more pictures of my grandbabies!”

Mira laughed at the last statement before wishing her mother well. She then went out and found Sinbad pacing in the yard. She grabbed his hands and smiled at him. While she wasn’t happy with him at all, she knew she would forgive him in time. If he stopped lying.

She then went to bed exhausted but was soon woken up to labor pains. “Sinbad! I think the baby’s coming. Today’s excitement must have been too much.” she said between contractions. They decided to a home birth again since money was still tight. Sinbad had work that evening so had to crash before Mira gave birth to their third child and first daughter. Mira named the daughter Kreia Rand*. Mira was happy to finally have the daughter she always wanted. She just hoped the father kept himself out of prison. At least until the kids grew up.

And here we are at the end of the chapter. Will Mira forgive Sinbad? Will Sinbad be able to keep himself out of prison? How will Mira and Sinbad cope with three children ages toddler or younger? Find out in the chapters to come.

Progress towards the objectives:

  • Grow a garden with every plant in the store (still only the lettuce and tomato planted)
  • Master gardening skill (At level 5 so getting there)
  • Get married (Accomplished in Chapter 1.0 when Mira married Sinbad Rotter
  • No woohoo before marriage (Accomplished in Chapter 1.0. Mira did not wohoo Sinbad before they were wed.
  • Have a boy and a girl (Accomplished this chapter with Atton Rand and Kreia Rand)

Progress towards LTW’s:

  • Mira- Illustrious Author: Level 5 Writing, Level 1 Painting
  • Sinbad- Master Thief: Con Artist (Level 5)

Author’s Note: I forgot to mention Mira’s namesakes in the previous chapter. Mira Rand is named after two characters from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (KOTOR II). Her first name comes from the character Mira who is a bounty hunter with morals. She doesn’t kill unless she has to. Her last name comes from the charactor Atton Rand. Atton Rand is also the namesake of Mira and Sinbad’s firstborn. Atton Rand is a scoundrel and saying more would spoil the game. Atton’s link to his mother is they’re from the same game.

Carth Rand’s name comes from the character Carth Onasi in the game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR). He’s a diehard loyal Republic officer who has trust issues. His link to his mother is they’re from the same universe.

Kreia Rand’s name comes from the character Kreia from KOTOR II. She’s a force user who helps the player character in KOTOR II reconnect with the force and the two share a bond. Those of you who have played this game to the end might be able to guess one of Kreia’s traits. I wasn’t able to choose her traits at all so the name choice here was deliberate as Kreia was never one of my favorite characters even before I finished the game. Kreia’s link to her mother is they’re from the same game

I do apologize for the lack of pictures of Atton and Carth as it’s been a bit hectic between Mira’s pregnancy, Sinbad’s tendency to get caught by the police which messes up his sleep schedule, keeping Carth and Atton happy, and trying to teach Atton his skills, I’ve been a bit preoccupied which meant a drop in pictures. I also would say it will be better next chapter, but Atton reaches child and this is one of my first times really playing since Generations came out so I’m a bit distracted by all the new stuff to get many pictures. Like birthday pictures. So don’t expect birthday pictures


8 comments on “Chapter 1.1

  1. It was cool to see where you got the names for the kids. πŸ™‚
    I’m glad Mira knows now what Sinbad’s job really is. I kept thinking of those movies like Ocean’s 11 when I was reading about Sinbad’s job. I keep picturing him pulling off grand heists. LOL.

  2. amandralynn says:

    I like the recap in the beginning. Good idea. Its funny seeing Sinbad be so good with Mira, rubbing her back and helping her out. In my game I always made him be a jerk. LOL Although its not good he wants to have his kid join the criminal career. It will probably blow up in his face!

  3. lilmonster says:

    She is a lot better person then me. I have a complex about people lying to me – and plus, her worries about it being dangerous are well founded – especially with three kids to raise.

  4. Colorist40 says:

    Oh dear it is never good to lie Sinbad as the lies always come out. I hope Mira does learn to forgive him with her whole heart, but wait until she finds out Sinbad’s plans for Atton.

    The kids are cutie pies, and I am glad the last one is a girl especially if they don’t have anymore.

    Keep the updates coming. Enjoying them immensely

    • Seera says:

      Trust is hard to earn back And yes, They would have kept going kids wise until they got a girl since the farmer DITFT generation requires a boy and a girl. I’m just glad I didn’t get more than 3 kids, they had a short supply of money…

  5. Taina says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Atton became a cop instead? lol Poor Mira. Three kids younger than 5? Sheesh! I hope she can get her garden going soon. Good chapter!!

  6. lovesstorms says:

    Haha…Sinbad’s lies finally caught up to him. You know, I wondered if he was a little worried about his criminal life and Mira knowing. Guess he should have thought about the lying portion, too. Ooops! The kids are absolutely adorable and I kind of can’t wait for my sims to start their family. πŸ™‚ Got to get them married first, though. πŸ™‚
    I think Mira will have no problem forgiving and moving on. I feel she loves Sinbad enough and it’ll all work out. πŸ™‚

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