Chapter 1.4

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In our last chapter Sinbad came home to find his wife fainted due to the threatening phone call in chapter 1.2. He had come to find out that the reason behind the phone call was him slacking off. He was furious with his boss and worked to get him thrown in jail and succeeded. And Atton and Carth had aged to teenagers. Atton’s issues still existing and Carth failed to mature some. And now on with the story.

Sinbad sighed as he approached the warehouse for the surprise meeting. There had been a take over by some unknown force while Sinbad had been off visiting his in-laws. Sinbad knew shake ups were when criminals died by the hands of other criminals. Most of the criminals lived in the warehouse here. Not many had a somewhat supportive family like Sinbad did. So Sinbad was probably one of the last to arrive. Which also wasn’t a good sign.

He stepped in and caught sight of a fairy. A fairy with blue wings and yellow hair with purple streaks. And wearing all black. Rosalind Baines. Darius Myst’s most trusted accomplice. And Darius Myst was Sinbad’s mentor. And a vampire. He quickly hid the look of surprise on his face as he entered the meeting area, nodding to his accomplices.

The general meeting didn’t take long, but Darius must have spotted Sinbad as Rosalind approached and said, “Long time no see. How’s the wife and kids? Darius wants to have a word so we can talk on the way to the table.”

“I see news traveled fast about that,” Sinbad said, “And yes, it has been a long time.”

Rosalind laughed and said, “Very fast and you didn’t answer my question.”

“They’re fine,” Sinbad said, “And anything else is prying too much without probable cause. They aren’t affecting my work habits. Anymore. They did when they were toddlers.”

“Yes, Atton, Carth, and Kreia were quite the rambunctious little tykes weren’t they?” Darius said, smirking.

Sinbad blinked at how much Darius knew about his kids. It meant something Sinbad had done had popped up on Darius’s radar.

“And knowing you, you’re trying to think of what you did to make me notice this back water town,” Darius said, “You got your boss thrown in jail. That takes some guts. Your old boss was definitely bad news. And a thorn in my side. Like you’ve become.”

“How can I be a thorn in your side? I’m no where near Rosalind’s level,” Sinbad tried to counter.

Darius laughed. “You have a knack for thieving and you had that since before I met you. You’ve developed a remarkable ability to plan several steps ahead. If I waited too long, you’d have had measures in place to stop me.”

Sinbad nodded in agreement, “Yes, I do have a tendency to plan ahead and plan thoroughly.”

“And I’ve done my homework,” Darius said, “You have a weakness. A nice big one. Or should I say four of them? So I’ve got a mission for you.”

Sinbad blinked. A mission? He wasn’t going to have his family killed? Which means the mission is a suicide mission Sinbad assumed.

“Now now before you put your foot in your mouth listen to the mission details, Sinbad,” Darius said, “Your mission is to untie yourself from your family. Permanently. In such a way that none of them want anything more to do with you. If you have to kill one of them to achieve that, then so be it. Because if you don’t distance yourself from your family, I’ll kill all of them. Slowly. Painfully. Starting with the kids. In front of you. And I’ll make Mira watch as I kill your kids. You work next tomorrow night. That’s when the mission is to be done by. And if you do it, I’ll instantly promote you to Master Thief. And break the rule of the gang that there may only be one. Decline the mission or fail to have distanced yourself enough will result in them being killed as I mentioned earlier. As I have things to do, you are dismissed. Come Rosalind, he’ll need to think about this. We’ll know his answer come tomorrow night.”

Sinbad sat frozen in the chair for awhile before he slowly made his way out of the hideout. But he didn’t go home right away. Sinbad felt he had two options. Send Mira and the kids away and destroy his phone and get a new number and new address. And then pray none of them got any bright ideas and that Atton understand that he could not try to find him. The other option was to run. Because the only way to make Mira and his kids despise him in the time he had was to kill one of them. And he couldn’t do that.

If they ran, where would they run to? Darius’s control extended for several miles. He didn’t want Kreia to spend the rest of her childhood on the run.

He spent a few hours thinking of where to run to when it suddenly hit him. The one place that Darius’s control didn’t extend to. Moonlight Falls. It was just beyond the reach of Darius’s minions and Darius himself. And both he and Rosalind were banned from every stepping into Mystical Falls again. The only catch was, to live there, you had to know of immortals existance.

And that would mean opening up to the city officials that he is indeed a criminal. Because how else would he know Darius and Rosalind?

By now, Sinbad found himself in Twinbrook Town Center Park. He blinked a few times at the realization of where he was. He saw a bench and sat down on it. He leaned back on the bench back and wished ill on Darius and Rosalind. How dare they threaten his family. Sinbad was glad that Mira’s parents had already passed away, he didn’t want to have to go into the heart of Darius’s control to save anyone.

He sat on the bench for a while thinking. Running would be dangerous for all of them. It would probably take them years to get to Moonlight Falls. Which means they’d have to do something about school for the kids. Then it hit him: he could enroll the kids in homeschooling. And pray the kids were able to keep up while they were on the run.

Since the school was close by he walked over to it. He saw Kreia playing alone in the school yard and sighed. His daughter was a bit too much like him for her own good right now. But Sinbad managed to step into school without catching the eye of Kreia or anyone who knew he was Kreia’s father.

He stepped into the office and asked about homeschooling and what it would take.

“Why do you want to pull all three out of school?” the secretary said, “Of your children only Kreia really has any issues fitting in. Atton could possibly be harmed by pulling him out of school.”

“Going to be traveling a lot over the next few years and I don’t want the kids’ schooling to be affected by it,” Sinbad said. It wasn’t a lie.

The secretary looked Sinbad over and said, “You got into something sticky and are now having to run and are dragging your kids with you. The criminals in Bridgeport didn’t do that.”

“You’re from Bridgeport?” Sinbad said, “And know enough of criminals to spout that?”

“Raised there.”

“Then I’ll just say that the something sticky has angered Darius and you should understand why the whole family has to go.”

The secretary’s eyes went wide with the realization and dug out the paperwork needed, “Here’s the paperwork. Fill it out. It will take a few days to process but I’ll have a word with their teachers and the attendance lady to make sure it doesn’t negatively affect them.”

“Thank you.” Sinbad took the paperwork and filled it out as quickly as he could. He then handed the paperwork to the secretary and bid her a good day and left.

And that’s it for this chapter. Will Sinbad and his family be able to reach Moonlight Falls before Darius or his men catch up to him? Will Sinbad still even be able to achieve his dream of becoming a Master Thief? How will his family react to his making the decision to run for them? Find out in chapters to come.

Progress towards objectives:

  • Grow a garden with every plant from the store (Went backwards on this, will explain in a bit.)
  • Master gardening skill (Still at level 5.)
  • Get married (Accomplished Chapter 1.0 when Mira married Sinbad)
  • No woohoo until married (Accomplished Chapter 1.0 as Mira never woohooed before marrying Sinbad)
  • Have a boy and a girl (Accomplished Chapter 1.1 as they have 2 boys and 1 girl as of that chapter)

Progress towards LTW’s:

  • Mira- Illustrious Author: Writing level 5, Painting level 2
  • Sinbad- Master Thief: Safe Cracker (Level 6, finally on the thief branch)

Author’s Note: I had technically played enough for another chapter before I got bored and went on to other things. I even have the pictures uploaded to photobucket. However, before I got back to the challenge, my desktop died of hard drive failure. To the point that nothing can be retrieved from it. And while I had some Sims 2 back ups not on the desktop, I had no Sims 3 back ups. Of all my Sims 3 challenges, this is the one I connected with the most. For a while it didn’t bother me, but I recently decided to resurrect this challenge.

So I used pictures and I recreated my founder. I saved her to the bin and went into Twinbrook and did the same with Sinbad. Then I used the play with genetics feature in CAS to create Atton, Carth, and Kreia. As close as I could get. However, considering Sinbad’s doppleganger would be in the Twinbrook I had and Shellie Knack would be a child, the easiest, quickest solution was to have the family move. Hence this chapter. And probably the next chapter as well.

Hence why I went backwards on the garden. She currently doesn’t have a garden. As I recall Sinbad getting promoted during the chapter I had played out, however, considering they’re having to run far away, Sinbad will get reset back to level 3 or 4. He wouldn’t be trusted enough. I will however be cheating him the skills to get promoted to level 7 though since he did have them.


9 comments on “Chapter 1.4

  1. Poor Sinbad. He doesn’t seem as evil as his co-workers since he has a family, and he clearly loves them enough to make them all run rather than just leaving them. I like him more. 🙂

    • Seera says:

      No, I hate stories that paint all criminals with the same brush. My story has some grey area criminals (Sinbad) and some definitely evil criminals (Darius, Rosalind). Each has their motivations for doing what they do and a life story. And each has their line that they won’t cross. And due to Atton’s issues, just simply sending them away wouldn’t have done it. He wasn’t over-exaggerating when he said he would have to kill one of them to get them to permanently distance from him safely.

  2. amandralynn says:

    Poor Sinbad. That’s quite a problem he has. He obviously cares for his family a lot, I really like his character in this story 🙂

    • Seera says:

      Thanks! I really didn’t want to have the typical story where the criminals are all 100% bad. I wanted some sympathetic criminals that you could understand why their family wasn’t jumping at the bait to turn them into law enforcement.

  3. lilmonster says:

    lol. it’s a small world after all…

  4. Colorist40 says:

    I knew it lol. He should have quit when he had the chance. If it took forever for Mira to forgive him for lying, can you imagine what this will do to their relationship? lol

    That Darius someone should knock him off.

  5. celtygirly says:

    This was a really great chapter! I wasn’t really expecting that at all. I admire your determination to have continued despite the crash. I’ve lost many files to crashes and have then just given up on them ^^;

    • Seera says:

      Haha, I gave up on them for about a year. Then when I was going through my old blogs to delete the ones I didn’t need anymore, the story just screamed finish me! And then the plot wheels started turning. I wouldn’t have the plot I have now if not for the computer crash.

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