Side Story 1 – Grief is a Powerful Thing

Best read after Chapter 2.3.
Time: 30 years before the events of Chapter 2.3
Characters involved: Lucian Dracule; Alistair Mathiasen

Summary: Lucian Dracule and Alistair Mathiasen meet each other for the first time.


Edward Mathiasen. Hailey Nicholson. Wolfgang Adams. Catherine Bennett.

Alistair Mathiasen couldn’t stop thinking of them. And the others he had gotten slaughtered. All because he killed the wife and grown children of Darius Myst. He had taken up Wolfgang’s advice to come here to grieve. And based on what reports he got from those he trusted most over the past three months, it might have been a wise choice. Darius might have been content to let him live, but apparently, his lackeys think otherwise.

He had left the crime family of Sim City the moment he got let go by Darius. He had once dreamed of leading the entire underground. But no longer.

And I don’t think in the time I have left that I’ll ever forgive you for it. Your actions got your pack slaughtered. But I don’t hate you. Those few sentences of Wolfgang Adams were tough for Alistair to forget. He didn’t think he’d forget any details of his last conversation with Wolfgang Adams for the rest of his life.

Alistair was about to go get another bottle of beer when he smelled a vampire.

“Wolfgang, it’s Lucian,” a voice called out.

Alistair swore under his breath, Wolfgang had warned him Lucian would drop by, but he wasn’t ready to face Wolfgang’s best friend.


Lucian Dracule entered the house of his best friend unannounced yet again. He would have come sooner, but he had heard wind of news that several members of Wolfgang’s family had been murdered. He figured Wolfgang was grieving. But it was three months since he heard that it had happened. It was time to pay his friend a visit for condolences.

When he got to study he froze for a second at seeing someone in there who wasn’t Wolfgang. It looked like it had been a while since he had shaved and it was obvious to Lucian in reading emotions, that something bad had happened. “Who are you and what are you doing in this house?” Lucian said, a bit too harshly thanks to his natural instincts.

“I… I’m Alistair Mathiasen. Wolfgang Adams gave me the house. You must be Lucian Dracule. Wolfgang told me to expect you at some point.” the man said.

Alistair Mathiasen. The one who killed his ex-best friend’s wife and children. Wolfgang had had mixed opinions of Alistair. He was a criminal and his actions had gotten his family kidnapped, but he wasn’t as immoral as some were. He drew a line at truly hurting the innocent. But Lucian didn’t have mixed opinions of him. Alistair’s actions cost Lucian his best friend. His closest best friend. And Alistair couldn’t even gather the courage to tell him that his best friend was murdered by Darius. He had to find out when the body got mailed to his house with a lovely letter from Darius.

“Wolfgang might have given you permission to come here out of the goodness of his heart. But how in the world could you actually come here knowing that your actions got him killed! Are you going to turn this house into your new base of operations? I wish you weren’t a werewolf so that I had the power to throw you out of Moonlight Falls. And why the hell didn’t you even tell me my own best friend was dead! If Wolfgang warned you I was coming, he probably told you that we were best friends. So why the hell wasn’t I called within the first few days of you getting here?”

Alistair walked over to the couch and sat down on it. “Darius might have been content to let me wallow in grief for the rest of eternity but his lackeys aren’t. Every time I think about my old career or even close my eyes I see their faces. My father Edward, my eight year old cousin Hailey, my pregnant sister Catherine. They shot her in the gut first. And she wasn’t even showing yet,” Alistair said, choking back tears. He pulled out a pendant and said, “I also see Wolfgang’s face. And remember all that he said to me like it happened yesterday. I see all of their faces. And I couldn’t bear to face you.”

Lucian looked at Alistair as he said his response still angry at him. But it soon became clear the strong emotions he felt coming in were mostly immense guilt and grief. He was about to say something when he caught Alistair holding the Council pendant. The pendant that each member had to identify each other. “How did you get that? The pendant.”

“This?” Alistair said, holding it up, “Wolfgang gave it to me. I assumed it was just a family heirloom, but your reaction makes me think otherwise.”

“It’s not a family heirloom,” Lucian said, taking a few deep breaths, “Are you aware that there is an Immortal Council here in Moonlight Falls?”

“Yea, Wolfgang was a member.”

“There are spells and potions that can make people look like someone they are not. So we created the pendants. When a member wishes to retire or is close to death, they give the pendant to their successor. Or at least who they want to succeed them. There has been a rare case where the person it was given to has given it to someone else. Wolfgang chose you. And I sure as hell don’t know why. But it was agreed upon that the successor unless they do something incredibly wrong during their time as a council member they can not be kicked out.”

“Chose me?”

“Yes. He would have known that Darius would have gotten his body to me some how. Just to rub it in my face that he killed my best friend. Darius didn’t know of the pendants. The pendant would have been left with Wolfgang. He saw something in you that says you’ll be a good council member. I may have a high dislike and distrust of you, but because I trust Wolfgang, I will not be a thorn in your side when it comes to you being on the Immortal Council.”

“I don’t want it. How can I be a good council member if I can’t even…” Alistair dropped off, not able to put into words the remaining feelings he held.

Lucian blinked. He had expected the guy to accept and then try to undermine all the Immortal Council had done. Maybe this was what Wolfgang had seen in Alistair. Maybe Alistair wasn’t so bad. Maybe Alistair wasn’t the hardened criminal his record painted him out to be. Maybe his talent at being the least invasive wasn’t out of pride but out of not wanting to give his victims more damage than was absolutely necessary to achieve his goal. He swallowed his anger at Alistair for a moment and said, “The Immortal Council could use some new blood. Most of us are over hundred years old. And we don’t travel outside of Moonlight Falls all that often. You’re young and you’ve seen the world outside of Moonlight Falls.”

Alistair looked at Lucian sadly and said, “He did say to refocus my life onto something else. I just don’t know that the Immortal Council is the right something else. I messed up immensely.”

“Well then, how about this. I’ll arrange a meeting for you to at least meet the other members of the Immortal Council. And we’ll discuss it as a group on where to go from there. Whether it’s doing an initiation ceremony or finding a replacement.”

“I suppose.”

“I’ll give you a call when we get that all sorted out.” Lucian said before saying goodbye and leaving. He just hoped Wolfgang’s intuition about Alistair Mathiasen was right. He still didn’t like Alistair all that much, but he knew Wolfgang too well. Wolfgang wouldn’t have given his pendant to someone who was pure evil. Would he?


3 comments on “Side Story 1 – Grief is a Powerful Thing

  1. Very cool little flashback. Your characters are all so developed. I love it. ;D

  2. amandralynn says:

    Holy backstory batman! Awesome! I love when people go into character depth. I agree with Lateknight. You do so well developing all your characters!

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