Yea, about that update…

It’s in the works. I promise.

I’m wanting to do this perfectly because Atton deserves it.

So I’m hitting writer’s block to some extent with this.

My other reason for not having an update is that I’ve been helping organize and prepare for a Tournament for the Sims 3 version of the Apocalypse Challenge. And the Tournament started on March 1st. And well, as an organizer, I can’t very well not participate.

The rules for the Apocalypse are here. The discussion about the challenge and the tournament is here (Facebook page, btw).

Now, my founder is none other than Carth Rand!

I’m doing a base game only run so I changed his Eco-Friendly trait to Genius. And changed his LTW to something actually doable within the rules.

That can be found blogged about here. So if you like Carth and want to see Carth babies, go there. It is purely commentary. I need to finish BEFORE the tournament is over. And as you can see from this challenge, if I do it with a story, it won’t happen XD


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