Chapter 2.6

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Canderous got accustomed to living with his father. Atton also got reacquainted with his best friend Bailey and quickly became more than friends. They were not dating for very long before Atton popped the question and Bailey said yes. And now on with the story.

Atton ran his hand through his hair for the tenth time that hour. The wait was killing him. He didn’t understand what could be taking Bailey so long.

“Is she having second thoughts?” he wondered out loud.

“Based what I’ve heard, I doubt it,” Alistair said, coming into the bedroom, “And stop running your hand through your hair. Brush it out again.”

Atton gave a nervous laugh and brushed his hair again. “How can you say that with such conviction?”

“I’ve been chatting with your family and friends for the past few hours. From what I’ve heard, she’s not the type to leave someone at the altar. Anyways, I came in here to say she’s ready and it’s time for you to go to the arch.”

The wedding march didn’t take long. Bailey was escorted up by her aging father. Atton couldn’t recall Bailey ever looking as gorgeous as she was today.

“Bailey Swain, I did not know it at the time, but the first time I laid eyes on you at Pip’s house, I was attracted to you. But I am glad it took time for our relationship to develop. Because we are best friends as well as lovers. I promise to always love you and always value our friendship. I almost threw the latter away, but I’m glad you hung in there. Knowing that one day I would return. And here I am. Returning. I am honored to become your husband.”

“Atton Rand, you never noticed me, but I first laid eyes on you in high school and I knew you were special. I did not know just how special until we met properly at Pip’s house. Because I loved you so dearly, I let you follow your heart on the course I soon realized would not be a happy one. I must admit that I was jealous, but knew I could not force you to change where your heart wanted to go. But I am glad that your heart eventually returned back to me. I am honored to become your wife.”

And with that the ceremony was over.

The guests watched on as the pair said their vows and exchanged rings and all that went along with the ceremony. The pair had decided on just family and close friends.

Bailey’s father Chester and his second wife Latanya were in attendance. Pip Goodfellow, his wife Dahlia, and eldest daughter Fawn were also there.

Carth, Kreia, Sinbad, and Mira were obviously there as Atton’s family. Alistair Mathiasen was there as well.

The guests soon broke apart into smaller groups when sounds from the nursery interrupted the wedding. Atton smiled and excused himself to go take care of Canderous.

Alistair took that moment to approach Bailey. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you,” Bailey said, “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. You obviously know who I am by now.”

Alistair laughed and nodded, “I do. I’m Alistair Mathiasen.”

Alistair watched as Bailey took in the name and processed it. “The Alistair Mathiasen. As in the one who sits on the Immortal Council and is a werewolf?”

“Last I checked there was only one Alistair Mathiasen in Moonlight Falls so yes, that would be me. I wanted to thank you for being there for Atton. Not many people would have been there after what he put you through.”

“You’re welcome,” Bailey said, blushing a bit, “I should have done more though. Not just been so willing to let her decisions about who Atton could see stand. She couldn’t prevent me from visiting Kreia or Carth. And I should be the one thanking you. Atton speaks a lot of you. He said what you told him on the walk home from the bar one night was what began to end the depression.”

“Or it could have made things worse. Could have pushed Alexandra to move out before the house was sold. Pushed her to move them to Bridgeport. Canderous was able to fall under the radar since we keep news of the Rands local. Atton would not have been able to stay under the radar though. And who knows what would have happened with Atton had the relationship fallen apart when they weren’t here. Weren’t around his family and friends,” Alistair said, “It was the only thing I could think of at the time that I was pretty sure would get through to Atton.”

The reception lasted for a few hours before all of the guests left. The Rands then spent a few hours taking down the wedding decorations before turning in for the night.

And the newlywed couple did not waste time in doing what married couples do on their wedding night.

Soon it was clear that the activities that night had been productive. Because soon, Bailey discovered that she was pregnant. Bailey was a little unsure of the timing of the pregnancy. They had just gotten married so it would prevent the pair from going on the honeymoon that they had discussed.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just take it when the kids are older. We’ll use it to get back our spark.” Atton said, making Bailey laugh.

Not that honeymoons were required to get the spark back. Mira and Sinbad had their spark back.

And it showed.

Atton was heavily interested in Bailey’s pregnancy. He had been pushed away or on vacation during Alexandra’s pregnancy with Canderous. He wasn’t going to just let this pregnancy go without his involvement.

But like all pregnancies, it must come to an end and Bailey soon went into labor.

Atton panicked, like all fathers tend to do for their first experience with labor. But Mira and Sinbad soon pushed the pair off to the hospital. They had enough money and there were babysitters at home for Canderous and Sion.

Soon Bailey and Atton returned home with their first child. It didn’t take long for Atton to think of a name for his second son. Wolfgang. He owed a lot to Alistair and this was a way to honor that.

Bailey loved Canderous and wanted to do something to actually show that. The only thing she knew of was adoption. But Canderous’s mother was still alive and Bailey wouldn’t wish ill on Alexandra. Even if Bailey didn’t exactly like her.

However, she wasn’t sure if Alexandra had given up her parental rights when she handed Canderous over to Atton. Or just simply agreed to let him be with Atton. And that at any time they could be visited by Alexandra demanding that they hand over Canderous.

She did some research on the laws and found that they could do it through the courts or they could get a parent to voluntarily agree to it. Which means they’d have to figure out how to get in touch with Alexandra without alerting her husband to the fact that she wasn’t a virgin when they married.

She approached Atton that evening and said, “I want to get word to Alexandra.”

And that’s it for this chapter! Will they be able to reach Alexandra? Will she be willing to give up her parental rights so that Bailey can adopt Canderous? Find out in chapters to come.

Progress towards Atton’s goals:

  • Master an instrument – Piano at level 8
  • Get married – Achieved this chapter when Atton married Bailey
  • Join Music Career – Achieved Chapter 1.8 when Alistair got Atton a job
  • Learn all songs – He knows all his skill level gives him
  • Become Hit Movie Composer – He’s level 4 – Band Manager
  • Know all co-workers – Achieved Chapter 1.8 when Alistair got Atton a job (a mod from Twallan)
  • Befriend 1 co-worker – Achieved Chapter 2.0. Pip Goodfellow and Atton are already Best Friends
  • Level 5 Logic – He’s got none.

Progress toward’s Mira’s goals:

  • Grow a garden with every plant from the store (She’s gotten everything from the store except what requires 7 or higher gardening skill, we’ve hit winter so progress is slow)
  • Master gardening skill (Level 8.)
  • Get married (Accomplished Chapter 1.0 when Mira married Sinbad)
  • No woohoo until married (Accomplished Chapter 1.0 as Mira never woohooed before marrying Sinbad)
  • Have a boy and a girl (Accomplished Chapter 1.1 as they have 2 boys and 1 girl as of that chapter)

Progress toward’s LTW’s

  • Mira – Illustrious Author: Level 2 Painting, Level 6 Writing
  • Sinbad – Master Thief: Cat Burglar – Level 9
  • Atton – Hit Movie Composer: Band Manager – Level 4
  • Bailey – Alchemy Artisan – 2 potions thrown, Level 5 Alchemy


Author’s Note:

Yep, another plot bunny bit me. And I’ve got a plot idea for Canderous should I decide that he will be heir. But I’m not making that decision until at least all of this generation have been born and are children.


4 comments on “Chapter 2.6

  1. Awww, the wedding vows were so good. I thought that picture of all the guests sitting there was adorable too. I wonder what Alexandra will say…

  2. amandralynn says:

    Great wedding! Kudos to you getting all the guests to actually sit still. I make sure free will is off and they still stand there looking like a bunch of derps. Yay for a new baby on the way!

    • Seera says:

      Oh, it got interrupted alright. Latanya (Bailey’s step mother) was pregnant with Liliana when I filmed this (this chapter was actually filmed after they already gotten married) and went into labor during the shoot. And Fawn (Pip’s eldest) started showing as well. I also added everyone to the family and staged it with free will off.

  3. Colorist40 says:

    Oh oh hope this doesn’t turn out bad for Atton and his family. Bailey should consult with Atton first. Can’t wait to see more.

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