Chapter 2.13

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter Ian Destansi saved Bailey from being kidnapped by a spy of Darius’s. However, it only served to further divide Atton and Bailey.  Their fighting led Mission to go visit her uncle and confide in him. Sion and Canderous also told their family they were going to the University of Bridgeport and Sion gave Bailey an ultimatum considering Atton. And now on with the story.

It had been a couple of months since Sion and Canderous moved out to go to college. Mission missed her older brother and her alien uncle. Especially Sion. He had been like a male mother to her when her own mother couldn’t be bothered to be home or sober. Mission had taken to spending the weekends over at Uncle Carth’s to get away from the constant fighting.

Though the fighting between her mom and dad had gone down some from what Mission could tell. Whether that’s because they weren’t fighting as much or got better at hiding it from her she didn’t know. But Mission figured that Dad and Mom were trying to work things out instead.

Mission came home on the bus one afternoon alone. Leia had decided to join a study group and they were meeting that afternoon at the library. Mission didn’t blame her and Mission was heading out for another adventure as soon as her homework was done.

“Di… divorce?” Atton said.

“Yes, Atton, divorce,” Bailey said, “I can’t get past you not telling me about Darius. I can’t help but think what else have you not told me. I love you, I truly do. But love sometimes isn’t enough.”

Tears began to fall from Mission’s face as she realized what she had just heard. Her parents were divorcing. She didn’t like them fighting but she wanted them to kiss and make up. Not divorce.

She quietly slipped out of the house as she didn’t want to be stopped. She then ran.

“Dad, why does Mother not live with us?” Terri Crumplebottom asked.

“Your mother and I had a short relationship. It ended a few weeks before she discovered she was pregnant. Since we didn’t love each other we decided it was not in your best interest for us to marry. And since your mother was older she asked if I wouldn’t mind raising you.”

“Oh,” Terri said, “You and Mother didn’t want what Mission is going through to happen to me?”

“Yes and no,” Carth said, “Uncle Atton and Aunt Bailey love each other. Uncle Atton just made a very bad mistake and it’s created tension.”

“Will Aunt Bailey forgive Uncle Atton?”

Carth was about to try to answer that one when he heard the front door fly open. He wondered for about a half second who it was before he saw Mission run into the room and hug him tightly crying.

Carth brought Mission to the couch and sat them both down and said, “Mission, what’s wrong?”

“Why can’t love be enough?” Mission cried.

“Enough for what, Mission?” Carth asked gently.

“Marriage,” Mission said, “Mom and Dad are… are getting divorced.” Mission then broke down and began crying uncontrollably.

“What makes you think they’re getting divorced?” Carth asked.

“I… I overheard them. Why are they divorcing if they still love each other?”

“I think in your parents case it is because your mother can’t completely forgive your father for not telling her about Darius sooner than he did. Her heart has forgiven him but her head can’t get past it. And from my talks with your father it seems like there is a trust issue. And trust issues can take a long while to fix, if they even get fixed at all. My mom, your grandma, doesn’t completely and utterly trust my father, your grandpa. Due to a lie he told and perpetuated.”

The two talked for a couple of hours before Carth’s phone rang. Carth looked at the ID and said, “I should get this. It’s your father. Probably trying to find out if you’re here.”

Mission nodded and went off to use the restroom.

“Hello,” Carth said.

“Mission’s run away from home,” Atton panicked.

“Calm down, Atton. She’s here. You and Bailey were talking about getting divorced when Mission got home from school. I don’t mean to pick at a sore spot, but are you?”

“Thank goodness and yea, we are getting a divorce. I royally messed up and now I’m not going to grow old with the woman I love.”

“Do you want me to come over? I’ll bring Terri over so you can meet her. Give you a distraction.”

“Yea, sure. I’d love to meet your youngest. I wish your oldest expressed interest in meeting his father’s side of the family.”

“See you in a few, then.” Carth said and hung up. “Terri! Get your shoes back on. We’re going to go see Uncle Atton!

Mission followed her uncle and cousin back home sadly. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was part of the reason that her parents divorced. She wasn’t exactly a dream child. And her parents were so distracted lately and only exceeding expectations or breaking the rules seemed to guarantee their attention. And well, Mission didn’t exceed expectations all that often to rely on that.

When they arrived at Mission’s house, Atton perked up at meeting his niece. The family spent the rest of the night catching up with each other.  And the prospect of Atton and Bailey getting divorced left everyone’s mind for the evening.

And that’s the end of this chapter! How will the kids react to the divorce? How will Atton? Will he slip into another depression like he is prone to doing? Find out in chapters to come.

Progress towards Atton’s goals:

  • Master an instrument – Achieved Chapter 2.10 behind the scenes
  • Get married – Achieved Chapter 2.6 when Atton married Bailey
  • Join Music Career – Achieved Chapter 1.8 when Alistair got Atton a job
  • Learn all songs – He knows all his skill level gives him
  • Become Hit Movie Composer – He’s level 9 – Conductor
  • Know all co-workers – Achieved Chapter 1.8 when Alistair got Atton a job (a mod from Twallan)
  • Befriend 1 co-worker – Achieved Chapter 2.0. Pip Goodfellow and Atton are already Best Friends
  • Level 5 Logic – Achieved in the background of Chapter 2.11.

Progress toward’s Mira’s goals:

  • Grow a garden with every plant from the store – She’s gotten everything from the store except what requires 7 or higher
  • Master gardening skill – She mastered gardening behind the scenes of Chapter 2.8
  • Get married – Accomplished Chapter 1.0 when Mira married Sinbad
  • No woohoo until married – Accomplished Chapter 1.0 as Mira never woohooed before marrying Sinbad
  • Have a boy and a girl – Accomplished Chapter 1.1 as they have 2 boys and 1 girl as of that chapter

Progress toward’s LTW’s

  • Mira – Illustrious Author: Level 4 Painting, Level 8 Writing
  • Sinbad – Master Thief: Master Thief – Level 10 – MET Chapter 2.7
  • Atton – Hit Movie Composer: Composer – Level 9
  • Bailey – Alchemy Artisan – 2 potions thrown, Level 8 Alchemy

6 comments on “Chapter 2.13

  1. amandralynn says:

    :(Poor Mission. Having your parents divorce is tough for any child. I sure hope they can work it out. I guess we’ll see.

  2. 😦 Poor Atton. The quote “Love isn’t enough” always makes me sad.

  3. Oh no that’s horrible, I really didn’t want that to happen. And poor Mission, I’m at least glad shes close with her uncle 🙂

    • Seera says:

      Carth is just close to everyone he meets. He was best friends with Alexandra in game. I’m a bit shocked SP didn’t get them together after both got the boot from the house. Not that I would have let it continue, but still XD

      I couldn’t have it be two generations in a row where the trust issues got forgiven enough to allow the marriage to continue. Plus, it was necessary for the plot for the next generation.

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