Chapter 2.14

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter we found out that Bailey asked for a divorce from Atton and Mission overheard it. She ran off to her uncle’s where Carth comforted her until Atton realized she was missing. Atton then met his niece Terri when Carth volunteered to come over and bring her. And now on with the story.

Sinbad saw Bailey come out of the kitchen crying and rush off to the bedroom she shared with Atton. He wondered for a few seconds if Atton had done something to make her cry, but that wasn’t in Atton’s nature. And he didn’t hear the usual yelling that would be indicative of a fight. Realization soon hit Sinbad. Bailey must have asked for a divorce. He felt his anger rise but took a few deep breaths and forced himself to go into the kitchen.

He saw his son crying uncontrollably on the table and his anger intensified.

“I blew it, Dad,” Atton cried after looking up to hear who had come in.

Sinbad walked towards his son and pulled him close and just let Atton cry on his shoulder for a while.

Eventually, Sinbad broke the hug. He lightly grabbed Atton’s upper arms and said, “Atton, look at me. You might not have made the right choice when it came to not telling Bailey about Darius. But I do know this. You didn’t tell her because you thought it was the right course of action. Because you loved her. If she’s not able to get past the omission and see that then it is her loss. And while divorce is bad, it will remove an unhealthy relationship. You and Bailey fighting constantly was not healthy for you, for Bailey, or your kids. Things will eventually be ok, son.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Atton said, “I need to head to work. They’re announcing who is getting the composing job over at the movie studio today and the rumor mill is thinking it might be me.”

“Alright, good luck, you deserve the promotion.” Sinbad said and gave his son one quick hug before Atton went off to work. The anger that had been building inside of Sinbad was still there.

He stormed into Atton and Bailey’s room and yelled, “Happy now?!”

“What the hell, Sinbad?!” Bailey yelled back, “You know full well and good what he did! How can I trust that that’s all he didn’t tell me about? And don’t give me the bullshit about he loves me! I know he does and I love him too! I just can’t trust him anymore. And our relationship as husband and wife is unhealthy as long as that is the case!”

“And you couldn’t wait until a day he didn’t have work or until he got home from work? You had to break his heart before he went into work?”

“I’m usually in bed when he gets home and I needed to tell him before I lost my nerve and let the unhealthy relationship continue!”

“Tonight, you will stay up until he’s home. And you and Atton will tell your kids and my wife. And then tomorrow, you will be moving out. I don’t care where you go. You can go stay on a park bench for all I care. You broke my son’s heart and I will not let anyone who does that stay in this house. You get tonight only because you’re my grandkids’ mother. If you and Atton had not had kids, you’d be moving out right now.”

Sinbad then stormed out of the bedroom and into his own. He threw on his work clothes and stepped outside of his room.

“And where do you think you’re going tonight? It’s Wolfgang’s birthday,” Mira asked.

Shit that is tonight, I’ll let her tell the family tomorrow, Sinbad thought, “I’m going out, but I forgot to tell Bailey one thing.”

“No, I’ll tell her,” Mira said, “You go on out but you best be home in time for the celebration.”

“Tell her since it’s Wolfgang’s birthday she gets to tell the family tomorrow.”

That night, Wolfgang celebrated his 18th birthday. He knew something had happened between his parents. Grandpa appeared like he was trying to hide his anger towards his mother but Wolfgang could tell. And Dad and Mom looked upset.

It didn’t take long for Wolfgang to apply to the spy academy and given Wolfgang’s skills and knowledge about computers, he was accepted and would soon be moving out.

Atton also announced at the birthday celebration that he had been chosen to be the movie composer at the movie studio.

So the pair of them celebrated the birthday and promotion by staying up late playing video games.

The next night came and it was time for Bailey to tell her family about the divorce. Sinbad had gathered everyone into the dining room.

She looked at her kids and said, “Your father and I have something to tell you. We have decided to get divorced.”

“No!” Leia yelled, “You can’t get divorced! You’re supposed to kiss and make up and live happily ever after!” She got up and ran out of the room, crying.

“Leia…” Bailey started and started to follow.

“Mom, I’ll go talk to her,” Wolfgang interrupted and followed Leia.

He had suspected that it was probably divorce that had had his parents’ emotions off kilter last night on his birthday. But he had hoped that the suspicion was wrong. He blamed himself. If he had just kept his mouth shut about Darius, then his parents wouldn’t be getting divorced and his mother wouldn’t have a drinking problem.

He took a few minutes to collect himself before he knocked on his sister’s door. “Leia, it’s me, can I come in?”

“I suppose you can, Wolfie,” Leia said and sniffled.

Wolfgang smiled at the nickname that his sisters had come up with. He stepped in, tossed his coat and scarf onto Liliana’s bed, and sat down on the bed behind Leia and wrapped his arms around her. “I know this is hard for you, Leia, it’s hard for me. You do know that fairy tales are just stories right and that real life doesn’t always match what’s in fairy tales and stories?”

“But aren’t stories based on truth?” Leia asked.

“Yes, but not all aspects of real life are put into fairy tales and romance novels. I know Mom and Grandma have helped pick out the age appropriate romance novels for you. And I know you’re smart enough to know that. So what’s the real thing that’s bothering you about this?”

“What if… what if it turns them off of love enough that they don’t love me anymore?”

Wolfgang felt the tears fall as he said, “Leia, Mom and Dad will never stop loving you.”

“Why are they divorcing? Was it something I did or something Mission did?”

“No, no, definitely not anything you or your sister did. They are divorcing because of trust issues that stem from something that you’re still too young to understand.”

The two continued to talk, shifting positions as they talked. Eventually they were both laying down and both ended up falling asleep.

Mira peeked into the room to see how Wolfgang was faring with Leia and saw that the two had fallen asleep. She noticed that he was in a position where if he moved he would likely wake Leia and so she just found a blanket and put it over the two.

She then stepped out and pulled Liliana and Mission to the side. “Alright you two, when you go to head for bed, be quiet. Wolfgang and Leia have managed to fall asleep. I’d wake Wolfgang up, but he’s in a position where if he moves, he’s liable to wake Leia and given the news we heard she might not be able to get back to sleep. So try not to wake them.”

The next morning came and Mira saw Bailey moving a set of suitcases outside.

Mira was confused, she wasn’t aware that Bailey was going to move out. “Bailey, why are you moving out so suddenly?”

“Your husband…” Bailey began.

“Enough said, put your stuff back in the house, I’ll have a word with my husband. I might hate that you broke my son’s heart, but that’s no reason to kick you out with no time to find a new place to go.”

And Mira went off to find her husband. When she found him, she dragged him into their bedroom and slammed the door.

“What in the world, Mira?!” Sinbad said, throwing his hands in the air.

“I was going to ask you the same thing, Sinbad. Why are you kicking Bailey out today without giving her any chance to find new accommodations?”

“She broke Atton’s heart!”

“Actually, considering that we’re all elderly now, it’s unfair to just kick her out at all.”

“The grandkids will get all confused.”

“The youngest grandkids are twelve not five. I think they can keep it in their head that their parents are divorced. She is not getting kicked out and I’ve already told her to take her stuff inside. You will not make living here a living hell for her. Do I make myself clear?”

“And why can’t I?”

“You don’t need to put the kids in the situation where they’re having to decide who is in the right, their mom or their grandpa.”

“Fine, but if she makes things worse…”

“Then she’ll have a week to find new living arrangements.”

“Dang haven’t heard those two fight in years,” Wolfgang said, “Well, at least not like this.”

“What do you think they’re fighting over?” Obi asked.

“Well, Mom was moving her stuff outside. Now she’s bringing it back in. My guess is Grandpa told her to get out and Grandma said she could stay. And well, let’s just say Grandma always wins the arguments. Her happiness is Grandpa’s weakness,” Wolfgang answered, smiling slightly for the first time in several hours.

And that’s it for this chapter! Will Sinbad be able to not make Bailey’s life hell? Will Bailey end up moving out anyway? How will the kids cope? What about Atton? Find out in chapters to come!

Progress towards Atton’s goals:

  • Master an instrument – Achieved Chapter 2.10 behind the scenes
  • Get married – Achieved Chapter 2.6 when Atton married Bailey
  • Join Music Career – Achieved Chapter 1.8 when Alistair got Atton a job
  • Learn all songs – He knows all his skill level gives him
  • Become Hit Movie Composer – Achieved Chapter 2.14
  • Know all co-workers – Achieved Chapter 1.8 when Alistair got Atton a job (a mod from Twallan)
  • Befriend 1 co-worker – Achieved Chapter 2.0. Pip Goodfellow and Atton are already Best Friends
  • Level 5 Logic – Achieved in the background of Chapter 2.11.

Progress toward’s Mira’s goals:

  • Grow a garden with every plant from the store – She’s gotten everything from the store except what requires 7 or higher
  • Master gardening skill – She mastered gardening behind the scenes of Chapter 2.8
  • Get married – Accomplished Chapter 1.0 when Mira married Sinbad
  • No woohoo until married – Accomplished Chapter 1.0 as Mira never woohooed before marrying Sinbad
  • Have a boy and a girl – Accomplished Chapter 1.1 as they have 2 boys and 1 girl as of that chapter

Progress toward’s LTW’s

  • Mira – Illustrious Author: Level 4 Painting, Level 8 Writing
  • Sinbad – Master Thief: Master Thief – Level 10 – MET Chapter 2.7
  • Atton – Hit Movie Composer: Composer – Level 9
  • Bailey – Alchemy Artisan – 2 potions thrown, Level 8 Alchemy

7 comments on “Chapter 2.14

  1. amandralynn says:

    Great chapter! I love the father son moment where Sinbad was giving Atton advice. I agreed with every word he said. Sinbad despite his own problems in the past has shaped up to be a really great dad! I’m on team Atton. I feel bad that Bailey feels he was being dishonest with her, but she could at least think it over a little bit before doing something so hasty as divorcing him. That’s my opinion anyways. Poor Wolfgang, not the best of birthdays for sure, and I feel horrible for the rest of the children. Leia seemed to take it the hardest so far…I hope they can work it out.

    • Seera says:

      It’s been a few years story wise, I just didn’t portray that all that well. Sion had just hit YA when Bailey found out. And there are 3 years between him and Wolfgang. So Atton and Bailey fought nearly daily for 3 years. Bailey was fighting with herself for a good chunk of those years and she probably did take a fair amount of that fight out on Atton. Her heart has forgiven Atton, hence she still loves him. But her head can’t get past it, and she’s too logical to let her heart win.

      Of the kids, Canderous (20 years) and Obi (14) took it the “best.” They were both expecting it given the fact that their parents constantly fought. Leia and Mission are 12 years old and getting that news dump on top of puberty is going to throw them for a loop, Mission just had the initial news broken to her the day before. Wolfgang is 18 and the one that caused it to happen when it happened and as such he blames himself to some degree, definitely on the timing and on the drinking problem Bailey has that made the situation between Atton and Bailey worse. He is just holding it in to appear strong to his sisters.

  2. Poor Wolfgang, since Bailey asked for a divorce since she found out about all that stuff from him. It’s really too sad Bailey can’t just follow her heart and her head gets in the way. Wolfgang is a hottie. Haha. Poor little girls feeling like it’s their fault or that their parents won’t love them anymore. I always love how Sinbad interacts with Atton. I admit I was surprised to see Atton with white hair already.

    • Seera says:

      Sinbad and Mira got what amounts to a YA potion when Atton was 6 days to YA. When I recreated the family, I didn’t want to have to figure out just how old Sinbad and Mira were. So I just left them where CAS put them. As brand new YA’s. And then called it a genie’s wish in story.

      I could theoretically lose Atton before either of his parents die if Sinbad and Mira both roll lucky.

      Yes, Wolfgang is a hottie. Can you see why I had a hard time switching from him as heir?

      Mostly Sinbad has just matured. He’s not quite as likely to bite someone’s head off unless you piss him off first. Which technically isn’t that hard to do, but not as easy as it is when he was younger.

  3. I really don’t like she wants to get a divorce I wish she’d just get over but obviously she can’t so that sucks. Wolfgang turned out really well, but I really like Mission as well.

    • Seera says:

      I plan on giving Atton a happy ending if that makes it any better. I was very much at odds with myself. Give Atton the easy happy ending or do what would generate the best plot for the next generation.

      And I like Wolfgang as well. He’s just not the heir. His story took him too close to my other story for me to be comfortable having him be heir. He was declared heir for a bit. Then I changed my mind. I keep changing my mind about who is heir. Of the eligible Sims this generation the only one that was never declared heir was Canderous!

  4. Colorist40 says:

    Dang now the divorce has got Sinbad and Mira arguing. Sigh other people’s problems sure can cause problems for others. I would say let Bailey move out now. lol

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