Side Story 2 – Divorce

Best read after Chapter 2.14.
Time: The day after the end of Chapter 2.14
Characters involved: Canderous Rand, Sion Rand, Natalia Stevens, Asala Karam

Summary: Canderous and Sion learn that Atton and Bailey are getting divorced.


Canderous shut the history book. Names, places, and dates were all starting to look similar. He decided it was a perfect time to take a fifteen minute break and catch up with the real world. He got onto Simbook and read the comments that were posted on the pictures from the party the weekend before and wanted to shake the people who kept asking if he and Natalia were related. They did resemble each other, but they weren’t related.

He clicked off the picture and went back to his wall. He scrolled down, blinked, and yelled, “SION!”

He heard Sion come from downstairs to his room. When Sion got in the room he said, “What’s so important you have to yell for me?”

“Lo… look,” Canderous said, pointing towards a status update from Leia. He couldn’t help the tears that formed from falling.

Sion leaned over and read the update and said, “Damn, Canderous. I’m sorry. And I know the timing is due to my ultimatum before term started.” Sion pulled out his phone and called someone, Canderous didn’t catch who. “Hey, Dad,” Sion said, “We’re doing in good in school. I was…. Dad, hush, let me talk. Canderous was on Simbook during a study break and caught a status update from Leia concerning Atton and Bailey divorcing. Is that true or?” Sion squeezed Canderous’s shoulder while waiting for a reply. “Damn. We were thinking of asking you guys if it was going to be alright for us to go to Natalia’s house for a couple weeks, but I think considering, we’ll just head home, but I’ll talk it over with Canderous and I’ll let you know in a day or so. Love, bye”

“Can we just play going to Natalia’s by ear?” Canderous said, “I wouldn’t mind going, but I don’t want to go and find out that one of our siblings or my father could have used us at home.”

“We can do that, do you want to go out or what? I don’t think you’re going to be getting back to studying today.”

“I don’t want to put you behind in your studies.”

“I do my best studying after you and the girls go to bed. Gives me something to do at night. Get dressed and let’s go.”

Canderous got dressed and the two headed downstairs.

“I thought today was a study day?” Natalia asked.

“Canderous was on a study break and learned his parents are getting divorced. I’m being a nice uncle and taking him out to get his mind off of it.”

“Give Asala and me five minutes to literally throw something on and we’ll join you.”

Asala nodded and the girls ran off to quickly get dressed.

Sion laughed, “At least they aren’t like typical girls where their hair must be perfect and they must put make up on every time they even think of leaving the house.”

The four spent the rest of the day out and about giving Canderous a nice distraction.

The next few days went ok for Canderous. He tried to study but he kept thinking of his parents. Sion, Nat, and Asala did what they could to keep Canderous distracted enough to study, but they too had finals to prepare for. And the divorce did affect Sion to some degree. His half-brother and his half-brother’s wife had helped raise him.

Soon finals came and went and the group were waiting for their grades to be posted. By now, the worst of the shock was over and he decided he wanted to go to Nat’s for a week or two after grades posted.

Grades were soon posted. Canderous got a B, Sion got an A, Asala got a C, and Natalia got an A. And soon, the four were off to Natalia’s.


One comment on “Side Story 2 – Divorce

  1. That stinks that Canderous had to find out about the divorce through Simbook of all things. Poor guy. I’m glad he’s got supportive people around him.

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