Chapter 2.18

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter the Rands grieved for Mira, Obi began dating Mindy Foss, Wolfgang got Obi hired as a contractor to research potential suspects after being a wonderful asset to the fight against Darius, and the family learned of Kreia’s c-section and complications. At the very end of the chapter, Operation Take Down Darius was given a go ahead. And now on with the story.

There was something familiar about Revan, but Sinbad couldn’t quite put his finger on it. But he had to shake it off. He couldn’t be trying to figure out Revan’s true identity right now. He had to focus on his part to take down Darius.

And they had a formidable strike force heading for Darius himself. Along with him was Revan of course, her right hand man Zachariah Smith, Wolfgang Rand, Alistair Mathiasen, Lucian Dracule, Ian and Zachary Destansi, Ian Destansi being the head of the Lucky Palms mafia, as well as a few higher ups in the SBI and a few other higher ups in Revan’s mafia. They also had a few higher ups from the various alliance mafia’s.

The goal was to arrest Darius if at all possible. But even the SBI officers knew that the likelihood of Darius being taken alive was slim.

Sinbad stayed towards the back of the main team. He didn’t want to use up his energy before the main fight began. And he knew that in his old age, that energy was a precious commodity for him.

The members of the SBI that weren’t Wolfgang and the criminals that he didn’t really know names to split off from the group to take care of the various rooms inside of the complex. The high ups in this plot were the ones that would be headed for Darius’s office and a final showdown. Thankfully, his office was on the larger side.

It didn’t take the group too terribly long to get to Darius’s office. Not with three vampires and a werewolf aiding them. They had planned the attack for the day of the full moon in order to give Alistair that much more of a bite.

“Alistair, do you want to do the honors of busting his door down?” Revan asked. Even her voice sounded familiar. Sinbad shook his head trying to push that out of his head.

“With pleasure,” Alistair said and kicked the door open.

They stepped into the office and Wolfgang said, “You’re surrounded, Darius Myst. Give yourself up.”

“Like I’m going to give myself up to a Rand,” Darius said, “Everyone, attack! Kill them all!”

“I’ve got something you want to hear, Alistair,” Darius choked out.

“I doubt it,” Alistair said, squeezing harder.

“So you don’t want to hear about how Sinbad over there kidnapped your eight year old cousin. Wasn’t her name Hailey?” Darius said.

Alistair froze and took a few steps back, his anger shifting slightly.

“Alistair, focus on the fight at hand,” Lucian said, having heard the comment, “Deal with what Darius said after the fight is over. Go deal with his vampire lackeys. I’ll take over the fight against Darius.”

Sinbad saw Alistair step back after Darius said something. He heard Lucian tell Alistair to deal with it after the fight and saw Lucian glance over here to him as he said it. Darius must have told Alistair that I kidnapped Hailey, Sinbad thought, Alistair’s going to be pissed after the fight is over.

He glanced at Wolfgang who must have noticed it too. The kid looked like he was about to ask a question. “Stuff that question, Wolfgang,” Sinbad said, “It’s not a quick answer and we don’t have time for a story right now.”

Ian had gotten pinned down by Rosalind. She must have used a strength spell on herself. No other explanation for why she was besting vampires.

“Now, now, Destansi, stop struggling,” Rosalind said, “It will only make things worse.”

Ian spit at Rosalind and said, “Never.”

“Pity you never allied with Darius, Destansi. We could have made quite the team. It’s a pity I have to carry out the punishment for all occults that defy Darius. It may very well just kill you.” Rosalind then began to say a spell.

Ian tried to worm his way out of under Rosalind. He liked being a vampire and he promised his wife he’d come home in one piece. He saw Revan running towards him with a potent cure elixir in hand trying to get the right moment to throw it. She probably didn’t want the elixir to trigger on him and not Rosalind.

Rosalind got off the spell before either Ian or Revan could stop her. Ian screamed as the spell hit him and began working. “Throw it,” Ian got out before passing out as the spell began to work.

Revan seeing what the spell Rosalind had said was threw the bottle at Rosalind. “I wish mine could kill,” Revan spat at Rosalind, “You best hope he lives or you’ll pay dearly.”

Rosalind screamed in pain as the elixir took affect.

Sinbad was paying attention to the rear as some of Darius’s cronies were attacking from the rear when he saw Wolfgang freeze up suddenly. He quickly finished off the group and turned around to see Revan having been stabbed badly in the gut and Lucian killing Darius via a stake to the heart.

Sinbad didn’t want to be here when Alistair finally realized it was over. He turned to head out when Wolfgang grabbed his hand. “Grandpa…” he began

“I’m not going to be here when Alistair realizes it’s over. It’s a full moon and he just got some news from Darius that’ s bound to get him pissed off at me,” Sinbad interrupted and attempted to pull away.

“Dad, let Wolfgang finish,” Revan said, weakly. One minute, why did Revan just call me dad? It can’t be. No. It can’t be, Sinbad thought, freezing.

“Grandpa, you always wondered what Revan’s real name was because there was no trace of a Revan outside of the criminal mafia of Storybrook County. Well, Revan’s real name is Kreia. Kreia Wallis. Though she was born Kreia Rand.” Wolfgang explained and by the end of his explanation he had knelt down and grabbed Kreia’s right hand. He then said, “Zachariah, I know you are friends with Revan, but…”

“I understand,” Zachariah interrupted, stepping up and allowing Sinbad in.

“Dad, did you really think I would be content doing anything but being a criminal?” Kreia said.

“Shh, my little princess, explain it later,” Sinbad said.

“I think you’ve known for a while. Just denied it to yourself to not stop me. Because you knew I was the right personality for the job of being the leader of the allied crime organization.”

“Kreia, stop. Be quiet. Rest.” Sinbad urged.

“Hey, I don’t mean any disrespect, but Grim’s here. He’s taken Darius and hasn’t left. I don’t think she has much time left.” Kerry Goodfellow said.

Sinbad stood up and faced Grim, anger radiating off of him, “You can’t take her!”

“I can and I will. You are on borrowed time. Don’t push me or I’ll take you, too. And you don’t need your family grieving over two instead of one,” Grim replied, “I’m being nice and allowing goodbyes because she was the catalyst for Darius’s demise. I’ve taken too many due to him.”

Sinbad collapsed down, deflated.

“Dad, I knew coming into this fight that I would likely die. I knew today I was going to be the focal point for Darius’s attempts to not fall. And I’ve been very very careful to not have my weaknesses exposed. Until Wolfgang got himself captured by my underlings and I was forced to interrogate him, only my husband knew of my alias. I made Brett and Wolfgang swear to not tell anyone. Revan was Revan’s weakness. I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry I got you into this mess.” Sinbad cried.

Kreia sighed but said, “Wolfgang, your grandfather and your father are going to take my passing hard. Be there for them. I… I know you’ve got your own family, but be there for mine if you can.”

“I will, Aunt Kreia. I promise.” Wolfgang said.

Kreia closed her eyes and she was gone.

And that’s it for this chapter! How will Sinbad react to this bittersweet victory? Darius is dead, but the cost was his daughter. How will Sinbad come to terms with the fact that he had earlier wished that Revan would die in the fight against Darius now that he knows that Revan was Kreia? Find out in chapters to come!

Progress toward’s LTW’s

  • Sinbad – Master Thief: Master Thief – Level 10 – MET Chapter 2.7
  • Atton – Hit Movie Composer: Hit Movie Composer – Level 10 – MET Chapter 2.14
  • Bailey – Alchemy Artisan – 4 potions thrown, Level 10 Alchemy


Author’s note:

Darius is dead. The first villain has been summarily dealt with in a quite fitting way. And yea, this chapter was hard to write and get pictures for. But the ending was how it had to be for me to comply with the rules for the randomacy. And I even tried to back myself out of it as I began writing this chapter, but I can’t and still have the story make sense.


3 comments on “Chapter 2.18

  1. ckorkows says:

    Yay for the win! Though at such a severe price. 😦 Going home will be very hard for everyone.

  2. Noooo! So sad….Someone must pay! Great chapter!

  3. Bye Kreia. Haha, Darius the jerk is gone.

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