Chapter 2.19

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches. In the last chapter Darius Myst and Rosalind Baines were dealt with. Darius was killed and Rosalind was turned human and arrested. The cost however was Kreia’s life and Ian Destansi’s vampire status. And now on with the story.

Nicholai had grown impatient and had made his way to Darius’s office to find out what was taking so long. He froze when he entered. The sound of Sinbad crying while holding Kreia’s body unnerved him.

He heard Lucian arguing with Alistair over something to do with a Hailey. The way Alistair was talking, Nicholai figured Hailey was one of his relatives that had gotten murdered by Darius. But why would they be arguing over that?

He looked around and saw Revan’s right hand man comforting Wolfgang Rand. Which seemed odd to Nicholai. But then again, Wolfgang had been forced to spend years living with the criminals in Storybrook County, he had been bound to make friends.

As he looked around some more he noticed one other casualty. Ian Destansi had been hit with an anti-vampire spell. Nicholai couldn’t tell based on Zachary’s behavior whether Ian was alive or dead. Nicholai decided that checking up on Ian was the most important thing at the moment. “How is he, Zachary?” Nicholai asked.

“He’s alive. Faint heartbeat, but alive. Too weak for me to even consider trying to turn him back into a vampire,” Zachary said.

“Probably too weak then for any means of turning him back into a vampire.”

“There are other ways of becoming a vampire?”

“There is a potion that can do it and I’d imagine if you wished it Matias could grant it.”

“I’ll let Ian decide. Also give him a chance to choose to be a normal Sim.”

The group spent a while just getting the worst of the shock dealt with before leaving the building. Wolfgang pulled his grandfather out and said, “Let others handle getting Kreia out.”

When the pair got outside, Alistair was waiting. “How could you be so heartless as to give an eight year old to Darius?” Alistair asked, glaring at Sinbad.

“I didn’t. I gave my imaginary friend to Darius,” Sinbad answered.

“S M R” Zachary Destansi said, having heard the conversation, “Decades ago I got a random private message on a forum asking for a dosage of imaginary friend metamorphium. It wouldn’t be easy to mail it so I gave the guy the ingredients. Decades ago would fit the timeline and S could stand for Sinbad and R could stand for Rotter.”

“And what would M stand for?” Alistair growled.

“Mira,” Sinbad answered, “I got the potion made, got Hailey to follow me, then had my imaginary friend drink the potion. She had refused to age up to teenager and as such was able to appear real as a child. And look and sound just like Hailey.”

“So… so if your imaginary friend went to Darius, then where is the real Hailey?” Alistair asked.

Sinbad shrugged.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Alistair roared!

“Calm down. I don’t know for her safety. What if Darius had gotten wind of that and tortured me for it? Not knowing would mean she would have a higher chance at surviving. Any street criminal knows of witness protection. I knew of a non-profit that helped those who wished to get new identities due to various reasons. They had mostly done cases of getting those families that Darius targets out of harms way. But you had to go to them. So I took Hailey to them and explained the situation and tried to get them to try to find your other family members but they didn’t have the resources for that. And it was too dangerous to try to get her parents. Everyone in Bridgeport knew that Darius had it in for the Mathiasen clan.”

“So how do I find her?” Alistair said.

“Well, since she was a minor, they wanted someone in the real world who knew what happened to her. Her contact to her old life. Just in case someone got away. All I remember is that her first name was changed to Samantha. I’ll help you reconnect with her once the funeral for Kreia is done.”

And life went on for those affected by the fight. The funeral for Kreia was a short one. Everyone knew Kreia wouldn’t have wanted a long drawn on funeral. Sinbad then went and helped Alistair reconnect with his cousin.

And a few months later and Obi was celebrating his 18th birthday. He had plans to go out on the town with Mindy, who had also just turned 18. They were doing one last hoorah before Mindy went off to college.  She had gotten into a very competitive summer program at a private school in Bridgeport and it started the next week.

Obi himself was putting off college for a year. The local police force had heard of Obi’s work with the Storybrook County police force and had asked Obi to be a Private Investigator for them. He had worked out a deal with them where they would allow him to go off to college next year free of charge if he put in good work over the course of the year and then did light PI work during the year and took up a full plate again during the summer unless he did internships or summer courses.

He stepped out of the boys bedroom to hear a cry from the dining room. He arrived there in time to see his grandfather passing away. Obi shakily picked up his phone and called Mindy and told her the celebration was off since his grandfather had just died and that he was sorry.

“Don’t be sorry, Obi,” Mindy said, “You’ve got to be there for family.”

He then called the next person on his list of people to call because he knew his father was too upset to do it.

“Hello, this is Carth Rand, who am I speaking with?”

“Uncle Carth, it’s Obi.” Obi said and then froze. He didn’t want to tell his uncle that Grandpa was dead.

“Is everything ok, Obi? You sound upset. Happy birthday by the way.”

“Thanks, Uncle Carth. And no, not everything is ok. Grandpa just passed away.”

Carth was quiet for a few minutes before saying, “I’m sorry, Obi. I know you were close to your grandpa and that it had to happen today. I’ll be over as soon as I can. Terri is out with friends and I’ll need to tell her so that she can come over as well.”

Obi thanked Carth and then spent time making the other calls he needed to make.

It took Carth a little under an hour to arrive with Terri, but it was clear the family needed Carth to be there then.

Obi headed towards the military base the next morning so that he could find out how to get in contact with Canderous since he wasn’t back from basic training yet. When he stepped into the base he heard a familiar voice, “Obi, I didn’t think you would be joining the military.”

He turned and saw it was Canderous in his military uniform. His lower lip trembled and he ran to Canderous and just cried.

“What’s wrong, Obi?”

“Grandpa died last night.”

Canderous hugged Obi tight and said, “He’s now with Grandma. And happy belated birthday. Sorry that had to happen on your birthday. If you’re crying like this, then you’re having to bear a lot of the others’ grief, aren’t you?”

“Dad’s a mess, so yea. Carth’s doing a lot of the funeral arrangement stuff though.”

“When’s Wolfgang arriving? Do you know?”

“He said he had to arrange a babysitter for Miranda and Eva. But he said Brett wasn’t coming so I’m not sure why a babysitter is needed.”

“I visited Wolfgang, Miranda, and Eva on my way back here. Brett took Aunt Kreia’s death very hard. He had feared her dying during the take down of Darius and it got realized. Wolfgang says Brett’s clinically depressed and isn’t really able to care for Miranda or Eva right now.”

“Dang. So are you back from boot camp? Like done with it?” Obi asked.

“Yep. I’ve been stationed in Starlight Shores. Which is what I wanted. It’s the base that a lot of the men who get shipped out for numerous tours of duty get placed so I’ll still be doing my travelling.”

“That’s great!” Obi said, with a small smile.

“Come on, let’s head home and help Uncle Carth.”

They buried Sinbad next to Mira knowing that’s what Sinbad would have wanted. It had been a fairly short funeral service. Canderous and Wolfgang stayed in town for a few days after the funeral to help the family get back to normal and Canderous paid his respects to his grandmother as he had been at boot camp when she died.

But deaths like to come in threes and Grim wasn’t finished with the Rands. A few months after Sinbad died, Grim came for Bailey.

And that’s it for this chapter! How will Atton take the death of Bailey? How will her children, even though she had a strained relationship with them, especially the younger children. What will the twins do when they grow up? Find out in chapters to come!

Progress toward’s LTW’s

  • Sinbad – Master Thief: Master Thief – Level 10 – MET Chapter 2.7
  • Atton – Hit Movie Composer: Hit Movie Composer – Level 10 – MET Chapter 2.14
  • Bailey – Alchemy Artisan – 4 potions thrown, Level 10 Alchemy – Did Not Reach
  • Obi Wan – Perfect Mind, Perfect Body: Level 10 Logic, Level 10 Athletic – Logic is at 2, Athletic is at 3


Author’s Note: And this is the last chapter that focuses on Atton’s story. As one of my two heirs this generation has hit YA. Atton’s story hasn’t finished, but it’s time to shift focus. And I do plan on giving Atton a happy ending. Which twin is the other heir, though, you’ll have to wait and see. And I do plan on doing 4 of the DITFT generations this time. Each heir has one and their spouse has one.

And I will go ahead and reveal the objective for Obi, though you guys probably already know it:

Private Investigator:

  • Become Private Investigator – Achived Chapter 2.19
  •  Complete 30 cases
  •  Snoop 10 locations
  •  Write 5 papers on findings
  •  Reach level ten of Private Investigaor Career – He’s at level 1
  •  Go through 5 garbages and 5 mailboxes
  •  Don’t marry (if you chose) or have kids until Adult Not doing this one since it doesn’t fit Obi’s story.

Mira, Sinbad, and Bailey died in a succession. Mira died, 2 Sim days later once the mourning moodlet went away Sinbad died. Then 2 Sim days later, Bailey died. Grim was not being nice. Which is why they’re all grouped together like they are. Mira more exaggerated since no one aged up. Bailey is dying this chapter to put more emphasis on how close in time the two deaths are.


7 comments on “Chapter 2.19

  1. Aww, RIP to all your Simmies. I hope that Ian can recover, and the family can help each other through all the deaths.

    • Seera says:

      Thank you. Ian is definitely alive. Zachary wouldn’t have been able to catch the conversation Alistair and Sinbad were having as they left the office if Ian had been in any danger of dying. And the Rands will band together to get through the deaths. They always do.

  2. TinyPiglet says:

    I have been reading this story for a while but this is my first time commenting. This story just keeps getting better and better, I hope there will be another chapter soon

    • Seera says:

      Thank you! I haven’t given up on the story, I just want to get the chapters related to the college years all written up before I release any of them. And I’ve hit a rough patch with writer’s block with the story. I’m currently working on my turn with a joint legacy and NaNoWriMo is about to start so it might not be soon, but it will come! I’m mostly done with the college chapters, I just need to stage the shots since hardly any come from actual game play. And the plot for gen 4’s heir coincides with the next generation of Random Paths so I need to keep them at equal pacing, but it shouldn’t be as critical this time since I doubt I’ll do a double posting like I did with the last fight against Darius.

  3. Colorist40 says:

    Aww so sorry to see Sinbad pass. Interesting story. Sure hope an update will occur soon. I see your explanation above. I can’t wait.

    • Seera says:

      Thanks! I do plan on getting some updates out soon. I’ve actually got several written out and a couple that I could technically hit publish on, but I want to get a couple week buffer so that I can fully devote myself to the joint legacy without this story taking a dive. I have gotten past the writer’s block. At least for this story. I just need to plot out the main story line (and it’s tied into this story and to Random Paths) so that I can lay the appropriate clues as to what’s coming…

  4. amandralynn says:

    I too, get so sad when a sim passes away. Its especially hard when its on of your heirs. RIP Simmies 😦

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