What If #1 and What is a What If

A What If is a single chapter “story” that looks at what if a different path had been taken at a critical point in the story. One that would have drastic effects on the story. I will do at least one per generation. They will be released after both heir and “spouse” have died.


What If #1

What if Sinbad had not chosen to run and instead permanently distance himself from the family?

If Sinbad had chickened out on his plan on to run to Moonlight Falls he would have had to have killed Atton in order to do it. And kill Atton in such a way that Mira would have known it wasn’t an accident. All of them would have been crushed. Darius would have had Sinbad killed afterward. Sinbad was too good at being a criminal to live.

Mira would be majorly heartbroken. Not only did she lose a child, but her husband did it. She would have run off with a very confused Carth and Kreia. Since they aren’t being chased by Darius, they find themselves on the outskirts of Moonlight Falls when Kreia is still a kid and purely by accident. They are very unsure of what to make of the creatures that live there. But after listening to their story, the Immortal Council invites them to stay in Moonlight Falls.

In this version of the story, Kreia, incredibly pissed off at her father for killing her brother, becomes a cop. A ruthless no compromising with the law cop. And with the aide of the Immortal Council and a tentative alliance with criminals after she arrests the leader of the Storybrook County mafia Zachariah Smith, they take down Darius and Kreia and family learn of what happened to their father. Kreia so focused on her job doesn’t end up marrying or having kids. Carth’s life would have likely gone on the same for the most part, jumping from job to job and girlfriend to girlfriend. One of the girlfriend’s would likely dump the kid on their doorstep for them to raise and that kid would be the gen 3 heir. Kreia and Carth would share roles as heir.

Generation 2 DITFT generation would have been Law Enforcement & Bit ‘o Everything instead of Music.


2 comments on “What If #1 and What is a What If

  1. amandralynn says:

    What a fun idea. I hope you do more of these in the future!

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