Chapter 3.10

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Atton Rand passed away and they had a funeral was held. It was also learned that Alistair had finally gotten over the worst of his past and had married and had a child. And now on with the story.

Life went on at the Rand-Zenteri residence. Both couples had begun to try for a child and they had gotten word a few months after Atton’s funeral that Carth had passed away from old age. Mission had been distraught at the loss of her uncle as the two had remained close after she grew up.

But not long after news of Carth’s passing, Leia discovered she was pregnant. Max was thrilled at the news. And they worked the pregnancy into the series. Viewers had been demanding Myles and Elena babies for a couple of seasons now. Max and Leia did agree that they would use a child actor for the child since they did not want to force their own child into the roll.

Nine months later, baby Hermione Zenteri* was born. She appeared to have her father’s hair color and they were unsure whose green eyes she got.

Obi and Mindy were finding it hard to conceive. And if Mindy was honest, she was glad for the delay. Work was hectic. Not to say she would be upset if she got pregnant, she wanted a child. But timing was everything. Obi believed it was stress from Mindy’s work that was causing the problem and kept trying to get Mindy to take a vacation for once in her career.

By a sheer miracle, Mindy soon found herself with child. She was ecstatic with the timing. It was just after the launch of the project she was working on and so she could afford to let her boss know that she was pregnant without having to worry that the business would be hurt by her absence.

During the time that Mindy was pregnant, little Hermione became an adorable toddler. It was clear she had her father’s hair and her grandfather’s eye color.

And it was quickly very evident that Hermione was a daddy’s girl.

It was one evening when Leia was helping Hermione learn to walk when she noticed Obi come in and sit sadly in the rocking chair. “What’s wrong, Obi?”

“Mindy. She’s still spending all of her waking hours working. She’s supposed to be on maternity leave. But she seems to have convinced her manager that she can work from home while pregnant. She’s still glued to her work computer downstairs. I fear she’s going to leave the raising of the kid to me alone.”

“Damn. I’m sorry, Obi. And you won’t be raising him or her alone. Max and I won’t let you drown. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Maybe she’s getting caught up and ahead now before she gives birth so that she has more time for her child? Max put in a lot of extra hours before Hermione was born so that he could spend more time here at home with Hermione.”

“I hope you’re right, sis.”

And it wasn’t long after that when Mindy went into labor. Obi took her to the hospital and there they had a girl they named Minerva*.

And as soon as Mindy was up to it, she was off at work again. Leaving Obi, Max, and Leia, to watch Minerva.

“He’s running himself ragged,” Max said to Leia one afternoon, “He’s out and about trying to keep up in his case load and periodically comes home to check up on Minvera. Mindy’s still doing the same hours at her work. Long hours. And she forces Obi to be the one to care for her over night.”

“I know. I’ve tried talking to Mindy about it, but she seems to think there isn’t a problem with her working long hours. Claims I’m trying to get in between her and her dream,” Leia said as she played with Minerva.

It was a couple of years later when Leia suddenly realized she was pregnant. They hadn’t been actively trying to get pregnant, but they didn’t always use protection. So while it was unexpected, it wasn’t unwanted in any way.

And Obi’s case load lightened up some and so he even was able to step in and help care for Hermione and wasn’t as ragged looking as before. But Mindy continued to work her long hours.

A few months after Leia found out she was pregnant, Minerva turned three.

Obi doted on his little girl. She kept him out of a depression. Leia continued to worry about him, though. She knew he was close to the edge. Their parents were prone to depression, especially their father, and knew Grandpa got hit hard when Grandma died.

And Max stepped up and was a wonderful uncle to her when Obi had to be out late for cases before Mindy got home. He was glad that he and Leia both were on the same page when it came to priorities and hoped that things got better between Obi and Mindy.

And that’s it for this chapter! Will Mindy ever stop and smell the roses and be a mom? Will Leia have a boy or a girl or even both? How will the kids grow up? Find out in chapters to come!

Progress towards Obi’s Goals:

  • Become Private Investigator – Achieved Chapter 2.19
  • Complete 30 cases – Completed about 10 cases
  • Snoop 10 locations
  • Write 5 papers on findings
  • Reach level ten of Private Investigator Career – He’s at level 5
  • Go through 5 garbages and 5 mailboxes – Gone through 3 of each

Progress towards Leia’s Goals:

  • Master Painting Skill – She’s at level 8
  • Master Writing Skill – She’s at level 10 – Completed behind the scenes Chapter 3.8
  • Paint 20 paintings – Painted 5 paitnings
  • Be friends with parents – Completed Chapter 3.7 behind the scenes.
  • Get 5,000 in royalties (or sell 15,000 from paintings) – She’s got like $3271 in royalties
  • Paint family pictures (spouse, kids, parents if alive)
  • Join book club (if applicable) – Joined book club Chapter 3.10 behind the scenes

Progress towards Max’s goals:

  • Join Film career (Plumbob Pictures Backlot, may need to place it) – Achieved behind the scenes Chapter 3.1
  • Max writing
  • Max charisma – Level 10 – Completed behind the scenes Chapter 3.8
  • Become level 5 celebrity – 4 stars
  • Have kid – Achieved Chapter 3.10 with the birth of Hermione
  • Reach Level 10 of the Actor branch – Level 6 – TV Actor

Progress toward’s LTW’s

  • Obi Wan – Perfect Mind, Perfect Body: Level 10 Logic, Level 10 Athletic – Logic is at 5, Athletic is at 8
  • Leia – Professional Author: Earn $4000 a week in royalties – currently earning $4000+ a week – Completed behind the scenes Chapter 3.8
  • Maximus – Superstar Actor – TV Actor – Level 6


Author’s Note:

Yes, I’m going fast. But I don’t want to spend 100 chapters on this generation and my current pace was having me do that. It will slow down in future chapters as drama happens and we find out whose temper Obi inherited, his father’s non-existant one or his mother’s explosive temper.

*Hermione’s name comes from Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter series. Both Hermione and Leia fulfill the female role in the Hero’s Journey. And end up getting with the main character’s best friend.

*Minvera’s name from Minerva McGonagall of the Harry Potter series. Both Minerva and Obi Wan are teachers.


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