What If #2

What if instead of taking Atton on a vacation, Carth, Kreia, Pip & Bailey had had a conversation with Alexandra about what she was doing to Atton?

The conversation between the five of them would likely start off rocky. Alexandra not wanting to be having the conversation in the first place. But once she starts actually listening to what Atton’s siblings and best friends are saying, she wakes up to the realization that she truly does love Atton but she’s treating him horribly. She also realizes that Carth and Kreia weren’t exactly who she thought they were, especially Carth, and realizes that maybe being with the Rands isn’t a horrible place to be. She also asks about moving Atton and her to Bridgeport, where Carth and Kreia go no and actually explain the reason why.

When Alexandra laments her falling in love appears to be a nail in the coffin for her dream of being in high society, Bailey mentions that Atton is heading for stardom and once he’s famous, his quirks won’t be such a barrier that they once were. And that Atton wouldn’t intentionally ruin anything and could be coaxed into at least appearing normal on first glance.

A week or so later and little Canderous is born. And within a few months of that, Atton and Alexandra wed. They spend the next several years happily married and have three more kids, Obi Wan, Leia, and Mission. As Atton becomes famous, Alexandra carefully maneuvers the family into high society, where Atton surprisingly fits in quite nicely when paired with Alexandra. Their parties are the talk of the town for weeks afterward.

Sinbad and Mira eventually warm up to Alexandra, Sinbad taking longer than his wife. Alexandra also learns to love Sion once she gets over the shock of the fact that Sinbad gave birth.

They grow old together and when they die, they each have an extravagant funeral.


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