Side Story 4 – A Tale of Two Brothers

Best read after Chapter 3.15
Time: Shortly after the events of Chapter 3.15
Characters involved: Canderous Rand, Wolfgang Avilla-Rand, Obi Wan Rand, Mission McDaniels

Summary: Wolfgang and Obi Wan begin to process what’s happened


Canderous Hawthorne-Rand and Wolfgang Avilla-Rand

Canderous Hawthorne-Rand watched his brother pace the apartment for the millionth time that afternoon. It didn’t take Obi’s perceptive nature to know that Wolfgang was taking Obi’s injury hard. Almost as hard as he had taken Eva’s murder. “Will you listen this time when I saw it wasn’t your fault, Wolfgang?” Canderous asked.

“I’ll listen, but I won’t believe you.”

“Obi doesn’t even blame you at all. His kids don’t blame you. The police aren’t hauling you in for questioning. The bombings and Obi’s being injured in them are not your fault at all.”

“Just because they don’t blame me, doesn’t mean I don’t have any fault in the situation.”

“Why haven’t you headed back home? Why are you forcing yourself to stay here?”

“I can’t face my kids or my wife.”

“They don’t blame you either. Go home, Wolfgang. Or go stay with Obi and Leia. My apartment isn’t that big and the Admiral is wanting me to start training soldiers for the war. Which means I’m going to be living on base. And my wife isn’t your wife and can’t comfort you the way you need to be comforted.”

Wolfgang sighed and headed outside. He didn’t know why Canderous couldn’t see he was to blame. Just like he blamed himself for his part in the attack on Eva. He had promised Kreia to watch out for her and she gets beaten almost to death. He was also to blame for the death of his best friend Zachariah Smith. While Zachariah had been a criminal, he had died saving Wolfgang from being a bystander caught in the crossfire of an inter-gang war. If Wolfgang hadn’t have been there, Zachariah would likely still be alive.

Wolfgang stayed out there for a few hours before heading back in. Canderous was right though. It would be unfair to stay here after Canderous went to live at the military base. And within a week Wolfgang was back at home in Sim City. And much to Wolfgang’s chagrin, Lindy wasn’t having him blaming himself either.

It took several months and lots of patience on Lindy’s end, but she eventually got Wolfgang to truly believe he wasn’t to blame for Obi’s injuries or the bombings. Nor was he to blame for Eva’s or Zachariah’s death.


Obi Wan Rand and Mission McDaniels

Mission McDaniels had taken the day off from work. Her experiments were in the capable hands of her underlings and she had more pressing matters to deal with. Reports that her older brother Obi wasn’t sleeping well. It was mid day, Max and Leia were off taking a long lunch while Max was able to before shooting started on his next film. And the kids were off at school. Perfect time to give Obi an opening to talk to someone.

So she knocked on the door and waited for Obi to answer.

Obi answered the door and said, “I take it you’re here because Leia mentioned my nightmares.”

“That’s one way to put it. I’ve heard that you scream at night and that you’ve been found dead to the world on the couch during the day. Nightmares would likely be a cause of both. I’m here in case you’re ready to talk to someone or if you just want a shoulder to cry on of someone who isn’t going to force you to talk. I know Leia’s tried to get you to talk.”

“Just a shoulder today. I don’t want to talk about it.”

And Mission just let her brother get it out without worry of it leading to being asked to talk. And for a few months that’s all Mission was. Just a shoulder for her brother to cry on when the nightmares got too bad.

A few months later and they had met at Mission’s house since it was easier to predict when people would be home. Jordan was off doing a film, the same one that Max was in coincidentally. Dustil had gone back off to college for his senior year. Ann and Silas were also off at college and Cristina was in her senior year of high school and school was in session.

“I’m ready to talk,” Obi said as a way of greeting that day.

“The attack itself or the nightmares or both?” Mission asked.

“Both. The nightmares involve the attack so it’s best to hear about that.”

And for the next few hours they talked about the attack before moving into the nightmares. And after that talk, the nightmares began to reduce in intensity and eventually settled down. Obi was finally able to sleep through the night mostly, or at least go back to sleep. And once he was able to sleep, he was able to begin to work again during the day. Which also helped. It gave newer memories to help push the bad memories away and helped them to fade away slightly.

It would take a few more years, but eventually the nightmares went away for the most part.


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