Chapter 4.8

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches. In the last chapter the Immortal Council came up with a plan to rescue the Zenteris. The plan to rescue them got discovered when Iris went for intelligence and the kidnappers upped the stakes. And now on with the story.

“When are you getting better internet, Galactica?” Trip said over comms.

“No time soon. Twinbrook is still in the dark ages,” Adama grumbled.

“Any chance of getting your parents to move?”

“Nope. And watch your six,” Adama said, killing off an enemy that had been trying for Trip.

“When is dad returning home?” Lily asked.

“In a few months,” Adama answered. He hated his dad being away from home for so long. Lily always missed her dad as she was a daddy’s girl. At first Kyle had stepped in and been a second father, but now that Kyle was grown and moved out, the task fell to Adama.

“Ok,” Lily said, “I have to do a project at school about a famous actor or actress. Would it be too easy to pick Grandpa or Grandma?”

“Well, how much would you have to research them versus someone else?”

“About the same, I think. I only got to see the very end of their lives and they were out of the public eye at that point.”

“Then I’d say you’re fine using either Grandpa or Grandma as your report topic. Given what I know of their histories, I’d pick Grandma.”

“Alright, thanks, Adama.”

“Anytime. Now get some sleep.”

Time went by and soon Lily was also a teenager. While she also liked video games, she wasn’t as into them as Adama was. She was more into painting and cop dramas and shows that focused on forensics.

The pair would constantly do their homework together, Adama helping Lily when she had problems. Though that wasn’t often and there was the rare case of Lily helping Adama. Though that was more often with science than anything else. Her love of forensics having sparked hours of extracurricular studying of chemistry.

“Have you decided what you’re doing after graduation?” Adama asked Trip.

“College. Either University of Bridgeport or Sim State University. Both have great business programs. What about you?”

“Thinking of triple majoring in Technology – Video game focus, Fine Arts – 3D modelling focus, and Science & Medicine – Physics focus.”

“You’ve got the money for that, Galactica?”

“Yea. You do remember me saying how rich my grandparents are, right?”

“Doesn’t mean that you’ve got the money for that,” Trip countered.

“I know that not all grandparents are that generous, but mine put money into a trust fund for me and it’s more than enough for what I want to do. And I plan to go to the University of Bridgeport. We could stay in the same dorm or get an apartment together if we both went to University of Bridgeport.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

And that’s it for this chapter! Will Adama find triple majoring easy or will he have to drop a major? Find out in chapters to come!

Progress towards James’ goals:

  • Join Military Career – Completed Chapter 4.0
  • Level Ten Military Career – Completed behind the scenes Chapter 4.8
  • Max Athletic skill – He’s at level 10, maxed behind the scenes Chapter 4.5
  • Max Hardiness skill – He’s at level 10 – Completed behind the scenes Chapter 4.8
  • Buy out a business
  • Adopt – Achieved Chapter 4.4 when James and Terena adopted Kyle Williams.

Progress toward’s LTW’s

  • James – Become Astronaut – Level 10 – Completed behind the scenes Chapter 4.8
  • Terena – Become Chief of Staff – Level 10 – Completed behind the scenes Chapter 4.8

Author’s Note: This is the last chapter focusing on James. If you haven’t caught onto when I switch from one generation to the next, Adama is heir as I switch when the oldest heir becomes a young adult.

Keep in mind that James and Terena still being on here does not mean that they are still alive in the story. I find it hard to kill Sims and therefore don’t. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t story killed. They wouldn’t be the first Rands I story killed. I story killed Kreia. Kreia was an elder in game before I left her save. She would have likely died of old age had their save not glitched out.

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