Side Story 4 – A Tale of Two Brothers

Best read after Chapter 3.15
Time: Shortly after the events of Chapter 3.15
Characters involved: Canderous Rand, Wolfgang Avilla-Rand, Obi Wan Rand, Mission McDaniels

Summary: Wolfgang and Obi Wan begin to process what’s happened

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Side Story 3 – It’s a Small World

Best read after Chapter 2.14 and Side Story 2
Time: A few weeks after the events of Chapter 2.14 and immediately after Side Story 2
Characters involved: Canderous Rand, Sion Rand, Natalia Stevens, Asala Karam, Alexandra Stevens, Catherine Stevens, Vivian Stevens, Richard Stevens, Charles Stevens

Summary: Canderous, Sion, Asala, and Natalia go to the Stevens estate in Monte Vista for a few weeks after the end of term.


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