What If #2

What if instead of taking Atton on a vacation, Carth, Kreia, Pip & Bailey had had a conversation with Alexandra about what she was doing to Atton?

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Chapter 3.9

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Max came clean to Leia about his family history. Instead of kicking him out of her life, Leia reached out to the one person she thought could help with the matter: Nicholai Tritten. Nicholai was able to place a counter spell to reduce the effects of the curse on Max and his decedents however he did warn that it could draw the ire of an evil and powerful witch clan. And now on with the story.

Carth was over again as he wasn’t too fond of being in his apartment alone all that much. Not to mention, it was a family get together. Mission and Jordan were over with infant Dustil. ┬áCarth had just sat down to eat some burnt pancakes while watching Atton play a racing game when Atton suddenly put the controller down. “Atton, the race isn’t over,” he said.

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What If #1 and What is a What If

A What If is a single chapter “story” that looks at what if a different path had been taken at a critical point in the story. One that would have drastic effects on the story. I will do at least one per generation. They will be released after both heir and “spouse” have died.


What If #1

What if Sinbad had not chosen to run and instead permanently distance himself from the family?

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Chapter 3.8

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, the Rands moved to the family home to Starlight Shores, Mission had Dustil and married Jordan. Wolfgang also warned Max about keeping secrets from Leia and Max said he had already planned on telling her his big secret. And now on with the story.

“What do you mean, you have something to tell me?” Leia asked, as she walked with Max to her study.

“Wolfgang told me that a secret held too long was what caused the rift between your parents. I intend to learn from their mistake,” Max explained, “Remember when you told me that your grandfather and your aunt were criminals and I replied that all families have their secrets?”

“I do.”

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Chapter 3.7

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter Leia ended up filming a movie with Max that made them both realize that they loved each other. At prompting from a mutual friend, the two ended up getting together right before they headed home. And Jordan proposed to Mission who accepted. And now, on with the story.

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Chapter 3.5

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Mission began dating Dillon Thomas and near the end of the winter semester, found herself pregnant with his child. When she informed Dillon of the pregnancy, he said he was not going to be supportive at all, and Mission dumped him, heart broken. At the very end of the chapter, Max volunteered to give Mission a weekend at home since she wanted to go home. And now, on with the story.

Max and Mission made it to just inside of the Moonlight Falls border when Max’s car just suddenly shut off. “I thought you said your car was in good working order?” Mission asked

“It is! I’ll get out and see if I can’t get it working,” Max said, puzzled and thanked whoever was up there that it was a full moon as the sun was rapidly setting.

Max had the hood up when he heard a noise coming from the woods. Something about the noise unnerved him and he began to try to fix the car faster.

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Chapter 3.0

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, the fall out from taking Darius down was dealt with, Obi Wan grew up to a YA, and Sinbad and Bailey passed away. And now on with the story.

Obi had been out working when Bailey had passed away. He got home to see his father crying in the family living area. “Dad, what’s wrong?” Obi asked, but he couldn’t help but notice the urn in the room.

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Chapter 2.17

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, the Rands learned that Wolfgang’s family was put under the protection of the criminals in Storybrook County as a ploy to throw off Darius, they also learned that Sion had been trapped in Evansdale County after the reactor blew up. Also in the last chapter Obi began dating Mindy Foss and Mira Rand passed away of old age. And now, on with the story.

Sinbad visited Mira’s grave in the backyard daily. He couldn’t believe he got to live longer than Mira. Mira had been a good person in life. Sinbad had done horrible things in his past. Yet fate ended Mira’s life first. It wasn’t right.

He had still been in the process of coming to terms with the fact that his youngest child might very well be dead when Mira passed away. It had been a hard blow to Sinbad’s psyche. If he was honest with himself, he was depressed.

He had snapped at Revan’s right hand man Zachariah before hanging up on him after he had called the afternoon after Mira died wanting to discuss plans.

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Chapter 2.16

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter life began to move on after Atton and Bailey divorced. Liliana aged to young adult and moved out and Sinbad learned of the Alliance between the criminals and the cops in order to take down Darius. He also learned that in order to help the goal of taking down Darius that the Alliance is going to stage Wolfgang’s family getting kidnapped in order to fool Darius. And now on with the story.

Sinbad had called a meeting while Atton was at work.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Dad to be home?” Leia asked.

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