Chapter 3.6

Quick Author’s Note: Please note that this chapter is mostly picture free. The lack of pictures is intentional.


Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Max took Mission home and met her father. He also met the newest member of the Immortal Council, Ian Destansi, who took over when Lucian decided to retire. Mission also told her father she was pregnant and the father was out of the picture.

Finals had gone well. The only thing left for Leia was to see what her final semester project was going to be. Since a lot of jobs for fine arts related careers were very practical, the University had decided that the final semester should be used for students to get a portfolio for their future career.

Leia had put in for a once in a lifetime script writing opportunity. She had done one in a previous course and looking at the scripts Max brought home made Leia feel that script writing would be where she would shine. She just hoped her anxiety didn’t get too bad. It was already elevated due to the circumstances and the room was a bit on the crowded side.

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Chapter 3.3

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Leia opened up and let Jeffery Dean in. Max realized at that point, that he had fallen for his best friend. Hard. At the end of the chapter, Max learned that Jeffery Dean had a tendency to cheat and Leia got mad at him when he told her about it. And now on with the story.

Since their first real fight as best friends, Leia refused to acknowledge Max and when she did, it always ended up with her yelling at him. It killed Max inside to not have his best friend talking to him. And it didn’t take a perceptive person to notice it was really hurting Max.

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