Chapter 3.5

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Mission began dating Dillon Thomas and near the end of the winter semester, found herself pregnant with his child. When she informed Dillon of the pregnancy, he said he was not going to be supportive at all, and Mission dumped him, heart broken. At the very end of the chapter, Max volunteered to give Mission a weekend at home since she wanted to go home. And now, on with the story.

Max and Mission made it to just inside of the Moonlight Falls border when Max’s car just suddenly shut off. “I thought you said your car was in good working order?” Mission asked

“It is! I’ll get out and see if I can’t get it working,” Max said, puzzled and thanked whoever was up there that it was a full moon as the sun was rapidly setting.

Max had the hood up when he heard a noise coming from the woods. Something about the noise unnerved him and he began to try to fix the car faster.

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Chapter 1.7

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches. In the last chapter, the Rands got settled into Moonlight Falls quite nicely and Atton became a young adult. However, the Immortal Council decided to use the family as bait in order to deal with Darius and Rosalind once and for all. After some debate, the Rands agreed. And now, onto the story.

Alistair Mathiasen paced the study in his house. There was no way they could risk any of the townsfolk getting word of the plan. Did not need anyone tipping Darius off accidentally when he comes into town. But he couldn’t stop Darius alone. Not if he brought Rosalind with him and he likely would. He thought of who could possibly help when it finally came to him. While still in the criminal gang he had heard word of two vampires who were fairly big in Lucky Palms. The older one more in Darius’s line of work while the younger was more like Sinbad. And they were father and son. Destansi was the last name. He knew the family had lived in Bridgeport at one time, you don’t get high in the criminal field without researching the other families. He just had forgotten most of it in the years since he quit being a criminal.

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Chapter 1.6

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches. In the last chapter the Rands escaped from Twinbrook and ran to Moonlight Falls. Those in charge were wary of allowing the family in, but the innocence of Mira and the kids swayed enough of the Immortal Council to allow them to reside there. And now on with the story.

Matias had called Lucian and said that he needed to talk with him. Darius Myst was eventually coming to Mystical Falls, Sinbad or not. “I can be back in my place in thirty,” Matias had said. Which both knew was a lie. Matias’s house wasn’t that far from the Rand residence. No where was and they had planned it that way.

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Chapter 1.5

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter Sinbad learned that his old mentor, Darius Myst, had taken over Twinbrook’s crime family. And Darius had told Sinbad to permanently distance himself from his family or watch as Darius kills them. Sinbad chose neither option and has put into motion a plan to run to Moonlight Falls. And now on with the story.

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