What If #2

What if instead of taking Atton on a vacation, Carth, Kreia, Pip & Bailey had had a conversation with Alexandra about what she was doing to Atton?

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Chapter 2.15

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter Bailey and Atton made their plans to divorce public. The kids took it hard. And now on with the story!

Sinbad was on the phone with a high up criminal from Storybrook County. Called herself Revan. They were discussing the alliance to take down Darius when he got an incoming call. “Sorry, Revan, I need to take this. It’s my son and we just had some family shattering news that I’m afraid just reached my college aged son and grandson, the plan sounds good. Talk to you next week,” Sinbad said before taking the other call, “Afternoon, son. I hope you’re doing well with your studies.”

“Are finals…” Sinbad started to continue the conversation when Sion interrupted. Sinbad listened to what Sion said and said, “Yea, it’s true. Atton and Bailey are getting divorced. We were going to wait until we heard you two were done with finals before telling you, but the best laid plans of mice and men.” He finished the conversation up with Sion and hung up the phone.

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Chapter 2.6

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Canderous got accustomed to living with his father. Atton also got reacquainted with his best friend Bailey and quickly became more than friends. They were not dating for very long before Atton popped the question and Bailey said yes. And now on with the story.

Atton ran his hand through his hair for the tenth time that hour. The wait was killing him. He didn’t understand what could be taking Bailey so long.

“Is she having second thoughts?” he wondered out loud.

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Chapter 2.3

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter Atton, Carth, Kreia, Bailey, and Pip went on a trip to Shang Simla to get Atton away from Alexandra. Atton did relax and enjoy himself, returning to more of his normal self. If you can call it normal. While Atton had made the connection, the others knew not to push it too hard. When they returned home, something was off. And now on to the story.

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Chapter 2.2

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter we discovered Sinbad had gotten abducted by aliens and was impregnated with one. He gave birth a couple days afterward to a boy he named Sion. Alexandra discovered she was pregnant and began to try to shape Atton to be the high society husband of her dreams. Much to the dismay of Atton’s family and best friends. At the very end of the chapter Carth, Kreia, Bailey, and Pip had put into action a plan to help make Atton realize that Alexandra was bad for him. And now onto the story.

The trip to Shang Simla wasn’t very eventful. Atton stared out of the window and hoped Alexandra wouldn’t be too angry at him for taking the trip with his sister. She would only graduate once.

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Chapter 2.1

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter Atton made two best friends, Pip Goodfellow and Bailey Swain. He also met his first love, Alexandra Alto. He asked her to move in with him and she said yes. However, she’s wanting them to move out of his parents house. And Sinbad screamed due to something unknown. And now on with the story!

When Kreia got outside, she saw her father being pulled up into what looked like some kind of spacecraft. “DAD!” Kreia yelled, thinking this might be the last time she saw him.

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Chapter 2.0

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Branches! In the last chapter, Atton was saved from Rosalind’s spells by Mother Fae. In return for saving his life, Alistair Mathiasen pulled in a few favors and got Atton a job at the local music theater. And now on with the story!

Atton was grateful for the job that Alistair had gotten him. Sure he wasn’t playing music, but he could get a feel for what the audiences wanted by being out in the crowd with them. Because if one thing he had learned about himself was that he was a bit odd in what he liked. He got along well with his coworkers. Especially fairy Pip Goodfellow.

He and Pip would spend time hanging out at his house along with a friend that Pip had met during his run as a music critic. The friend was Bailey Swain. She was Atton’s age and they got along well. She didn’t mind Atton’s quirks at all, which surprised Atton. Most people were weirded out by his quirks for a while.

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