The Immortal Council

The Immortal Council was founded by six supernatural creatures. One from each of the major species. The founding members were Lucian Dracule, a vampire; Eleanor Stevens, a ghost; Wolfgang Adams, a werewolf; Ali Baba, a genie; Morgana Tudor, a witch; and Tatiana Baines, a fairy. Several years passed and the group came up with a way to make themselves immortal and a way to keep Eleanor from passing over. However, wars and accidents have killed off most of the founding members. Of the founding members, only Lucian Dracule remains alive, however he has stepped down from the Immortal Council. Pictured above is the current Immortal Council as of the most recent update.

This page will be updated as information about the council becomes known in the story. So there will be spoilers. Read on at your own risk. Former members of the Immortal Council that were previously in the story can be found here.

Current Members of the Immortal Council

Alistair Mathiasen
Current Council Leader
Voted against allowing the Rands to live in Moonlight Falls

A fair amount of his more recent life is known. He had at least one sibling, a sister who was married. He had a five year old cousin and his father stuck to a schedule if it killed him. At one point, he was a criminal and a good one at that. He orchestrated the plan that killed Darius Myst’s wife and adult kids. At which point Darius retaliated by murdering everyone related to Alistair, including Wolfgang Adams. Some 25 years after that he is involved with another plot to take down Darius and his life is saved by human Atton Rand. Despite Alistair’s reluctance to form any personal connections since he got his family slaughtered, Atton managed to form a very deep bond with Alistair due to saving his life. Alistair considers Atton to be one of his pack. He also views Atton’s decedents as members of the pack as well. He has since married a werewolf named Morgana and they currently have one son Isaiah, but more are on the way.


Matias Wisherton
He doesn’t really have a last name but for legal purposes he made up Wisherton
Voted to allow the Rands to live in Moonlight Falls
Has agreed to be the one to help the Rands adjust to Moonlight Falls

Not much is known about Matias beyond that he helped them adjust to life in Moonlight Falls. And his mother was a member of the council and was murdered by Darius.


Iris Baines
Sister of Rosalind Baines
Voted to allow the Rands to live in Moonlight Falls

Not much is known about Iris either. Her closest friend is fellow fairy Tristan Fae. It is also known that Iris is not as skilled in fairy magic as her twin sister Rosalind. She has a tendency to blame herself when this difference is exposed.


Nicholai Tritten
Voted to allow the Rands to live in Moonlight Falls
Unsure about Lucian’s choice for replacement

A little bit is known about Nicholai. His parents died when he was an infant from a magical accident. He was adopted by non-occult Sims and raised by them until he turned thirteen. When his wizard status became known to his adoptive parents they sent him back to the orphanage and thought of him as a freak. He spent a couple of years there mad at the world before Wolfgang Adams adopted him and brought him to the school where wizards and witches learned their craft. How he remained under Darius’s radar is unknown.


Ian Destansi

Ian is the former leader of the Lucky Palms Mafia. He helped protect the Rands during the first attempt to take down Darius in several years. He also participated in Operation Take Down Darius which did succeed in ending Darius’ rule. However, due to his loss of vampiric status during the fight, Ian’s wife threatened to divorce and run off with the kids should Ian continue in the Mafia. This was one of the few times that Ian ignored the voices in his head and listened to another voice: his wife’s. He stayed in long enough to pass the reins to someone he trusted before permanently retiring. He also forced his father out of the Mafia as well to appease his crime weary mother. It was shortly after this that he got paid a visit by Lucian Dracule with the offer to be on the Immortal Council. He listened to what Lucian had to say and after discussing it with his family, he agreed.


Obi Wan Rand

You can read all about Obi’s life between Chapter 2.8 and Chapter 4.4.

Obi Wan was asked by Eleanor when he was in the process of crossing over if he wanted to be her replacement on the Immortal Council. After the two discussed it, Obi agreed and Obi Wan did not cross over and he was able to convince the council that he was indeed the replacement for Eleanor and the proper spells were put on Obi’s grave to keep him from crossing over.


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  1. amandralynn says:

    I love the immortal council, what an awesome idea to have in your story!

  2. […] Note: For more information on the Immortal Council go here. They are a group of six that I originally only meant to have in Random Branches for a chapter. […]

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