Former Members of the Immortal Council

None of the members of the Council are forced to stay on until they die. Though a majority of the Council has stayed until an accidental death or until they were murdered. This page will hold the information of all former members of the Immortal Council who made an appearance in the story .

Lucian Dracule
Founding Council Member
Voted to allow the Rands to live in Moonlight Falls
First to retire from the Immortal Council

Not much is currently known about Lucian story wise. He used to Darius’s Myst’s best friend before something happened that turned them into enemies. Lucian was also best friends with werewolf Wolfgang Adams before Wolfgang was murdered by Darius. After Darius was dealt with, Lucian realized that he had grown weary of immortal life. He had never wanted to settle down while on the Council as he didn’t want to have to watch as his kids grew old and died. But he also knew that trouble was coming. Being too weary of immortal life and know knowledge of when the trouble would come or go, Lucian found a replacement and stepped down from the Council.


Eleanor Stevens
Former Council Leader
Founding Council Member
Voted against allowing the Rands to live in Moonlight Falls

The only thing known about Eleanor Stevens is that she hates being compared to Eleanor Zenteri.

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