The Rands

This page will hold the information for the members of the Rand Family. The information posted here will be updated to the point of the most recently released update. That means spoilers. Read at your own risk if you aren’t caught up. Once all members of a generation have exited the story, their information on Download a Rand page and on this page will be condensed into a Generation # page. This is to keep the loading times of the page from getting too high.

 Generation Three – Private Investigator, Writer/Painter, In the Spotlight

Canderous Hawthorne-Rand
Generation 3 Spare
Traits: Loves the Cold, Hydrophobic, Schmoozer, Adventurous, Disciplined
LTW: Seasoned Traveler
Zodiac: Cancer
Favorites:  Frogs Legs, Pop music, the color green
Past Relationships: Mariah (ex-wife, died)
Wife: Olivia Hawthorne-Rand
Children: Calista (adopted), Elizabeth (with Mariah), Benjamin (adopted, Olivia’s), Lacy (adopted, Olivia’s)
Status: Stationed in Starlight Shores


Wolfgang Avilla-Rand
Generation 3 Spare
Traits: Loner, Athletic, Genius, Nurturing, Computer Whiz
LTW: International Super Spy
Zodiac: Taurus
Favorites: Firecracker Tofu, Eygptian music, the color orange
Past Relationships: Kelsey (wife, divorced)
Wife: Lindy Avilla-Rand
Children: Sean (with Kelsey), Caiden (with Kelsey), Brie (with Kelsey), Gerard (with Lindy), Dayna (with Lindy)
Status: resides in Sim City with his second wife Lindy. His kids with Kelsey and Kreia’s kids have moved out. He’s currently raising Gerard and Dayna


Obi-Wan “Obi” Rand
Generation 3 Heir
Traits: Good, Perceptive, Perfectionist, Supernatural Fan, Unlucky, Computer Whiz, Neat
LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body
Zodiac: Pisces
Favorites: Grilled salmon, Indie music, the color hot pink
Past Relationships: Mindy Foss [Divorced]
Children: Minerva, Albus


Mindy [Foss] Rand
Gen 3 Heir Obi’s Wife
Traits: Workaholic, Family-Oriented, Daredevil, Ambitious, Charismatic
LTW: CEO of a Mega-Corporation
Zodiac: Aries
Favorites: Stir Fry, Hip Hop music, the color Grey
Past Relationships: Obi Wan Rand (Divorced)
Boyfriend: Darren Lott
Children: Minerva, Albus


Leia Rand
Generation 3 Heir
Traits: Loner, Virtuoso, Bookworm, Artistic, Lucky, Star Quality, Perfectionist
LTW: Professional Author
Zodiac: Libra
Favorites: Tri-Tip Tofu Steak, Rap music, the color green
Past Relationships: Jeffery Dean (dumped him)
Boyfriend: Maximus Zenteri
Children: Hermione, James


Maximus Zenteri
Gen 3 Heiress’s Boyfriend
Traits: Flirty, Brave, Adventurous, Disciplined, Commitment Issues, Charismatic, Star Quality
LTW: Superstar Actor
Zodiac: Aries
Favorites: Key Lime Pie, Chinese Music, the color Green
Past Relationships: various one night stands including Mission
Girlfriend: Leia Rand
Children: Hermione, James


Mission Rand
Generation 3 Spare
Traits: Good, Heavy Sleeper, Loves the Outdoors, Rebellious, Green Thumb, Angler, Great Kisser
LTW: Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
Zodiac: Scorpio
Favorites: Lobster Thermidor, Hip-Hop music, the color pink
Past Relationships: Various one night stands including Maximus Zenteri, Dillon Thomas (dumped him)
Husband: Jordan McDaniels
Children: Dustil (with Dillon Thomas), Ann (with Jordan), Silas (with Jordan), Cristina (with Jordan)
Status: Has moved to a house in Starlight Shores with husband Jordan


Generation Four – Military

Hermione Zenteri
Generation 3 Spare
Traits: Flirty, Loves the Heat, Photographer’s Eye, Workaholic, Athletic
LTW: Surrounded by Family
Zodiac: Libra
Favorites: Grilled Salmon, Country Music, the color pink
Status: Has moved out to an apartment in Starlight Shores


Minerva Rand
Generation 3 Spare
Traits: Flirty, Charismatic, Over-Emotional, Commitment Issues, Disciplined
LTW: Super Popular
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Favorites: Vegetable Chilli, Disco Music, the color green
Status: Moved out to a small apartment in Starlight Shores


James Zenteri
Generation 3 Heir
Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Hopeless Romantic, Irresistible, Handy, Family-Oriented
LTW: Become Astronaut
Zodiac: Cancer
Favorites: Veggi Rolls, Soul Music, the color turquoise


Albus Rand
Generation 3 Spare
Traits: Bookworm, Frugal, Virtuoso, Brave
Zodiac: Capricorn
Favorites: Veggie Burger, Island Life Music, the color sea foam


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